Memorial Session, Paul Gochet (Bressoux, 1932 — Uccle, 2011)

Friday, August 5th, 16:15-17:05, Peterlinov Pavilion

Paul Gochet, a long-time professor at the university of Liege, Belgium, was one of the defining figures in the international community in philosophy, logic, language, and computation. At the same time, he bridged between the English-speaking and French-speaking academic worlds. His death is a sad loss that is felt in many places, and reactions are still appearing (cf., In particular, Paul Gochet was a strong supporter of ESSLLI since its beginnings, and he served as the President of FoLLI from 2001 to 2004. Many colleagues gathered at our summer school would like to honour his memory at this special event.

Johan van Benthem, Michael Moortgat

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