Sudha Arunachalam. Experimental methods for linguists

Linguists have increasingly become interested in experimental research as a supplement to traditional analytical methods. But designing a good experiment is not trivial; researchers new to the area will need some guidance. This course is a practical introduction to experimental methods for linguists. We will examine studies in experimental syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, to lay a foundation in the key issues: experimental design, methods, and data analysis. We will address the big questions (e.g., how can experiments further my research program?), the medium-sized questions (e.g., how do I design an experiment to test a theory?), and the small questions (e.g., what software should I use?). My goal is to provide sufficient background for attendees to (a) understand how to integrate experiments into their research, (b) know how to locate resources to help them develop those experiments, and (c) evaluate the rapidly-growing body of experimental research being published in the field.

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