Mirna Dzamonja and Benedikt Löwe. Modern set theory: Foundations and Applications

This workshop is organized and financially supported by the research networking programme INFTY: “New frontiers of infinity: mathematical, philosophical, and computational prospects” funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF).

Tutorial speakers. Gregor Dolinar (Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenia), Martin Goldstern (Technische Universität Wien, Austria), and Jean Larson (University of Florida, U.S.A.).

Speakers. Yurii Khomskii (Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Zhenhao Li (Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Alberto Marcone (Università di Udine, Italy), Grzegorz Plebanek (Uniwersytet Wroclawski, Poland).

The ESF network INFTY aims (among other things) at embedding set theory in the wider scope of modern logic and its applications, as represented at the ESSLLI schools. At the moment, the connections between the set theory community and the Logic, Language and Information (LLI) community are sparse, and yet, plenty of points of (potential) research contact exist; to name but one: the theory of infinite games is a central topic in modern set theory and plays an important role in many subfields of the Logic & Computation area of the LLI community. This workshop is funded and organized by INFTY in order to present the lively and active research area of set theory to a broader audience of logicians; allow junior members of the set-theory community to present their research at an ESSLLI school in order to encourage them to interact with the broader logic community; and offer logic students an overview of the current research trends in set theory.

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