Friday Feature – Discover Hoth! - 09/05/2008

Discover Hoth!
If you don't want to take the same boring vacation that all of your friends take, allow us at Crazy Larry's Galactic Getaways to take you to a seldom visited destination!



    * Crazy Larry's Galactic Getaways is not responsible for droids, items, or people lost in the bottomless icy chasms.


*Your enjoyment of the weather is dependent on your tolerance for the average minus thirty two degree temperature and natural aroma of your tauntaun.  
    *Interact at your own risk. Wildlife has a history of attacking landing ships and vehicles; land at your own risk.
*Blankets sold separately.

These are just some of the exciting things you'll get to experience once you bravely disembark for your exciting stay on Hoth!

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