Friday Feature – Nova Orion - 12/14/2007

Nova Orion Industries is based out of a space station known as the Nova Orion Station. This new station serves as a hub for an exciting new quest series in Chapter 8.

Nova Orion Industries

Nova Orion Industries is a starship research and development company that was started by Jonas Nova and Garrick Orion. From humble origins, the company grew to become a galactic level producer of starships and space stations.

The Nova Orion Station is a virtual twin to the Tansarii Point Station, which was also created by Nova Orion Industries. Both stations are located in Ord Mantell space.

Conflict at Nova Orion

When master pilots reach Nova Orion, they will discover a crisis that is tearing the friendship of Jonas Nova and Garrick Orion apart.

Nova and Orion started as close friends, but in recent years their friendship has become a bit rocky. Suspicion and mistrust grew as the two entrepreneurs started to work on various projects without the knowledge of the other. You can choose to side with Jonas Nova or Garrick Orion, and each side in the conflict will have its own set of quests.

You may, if you choose, switch sides, but doing so will cause you to start over at the beginning for the other side and to lose all of the progress you made previously.

The entire quest series is repeatable as a whole. Each time, you start from the beginning and must again work your way through the entire series. You can choose either of the two factions when the time comes to make that choice, regardless of who you have aided in the past.

Midlithe Crystal

Nova Orion Industries is looking for pilots to gather a space mineral known as midlithe crystal. Researchers on the station are experimenting with the substance in podracers and speeders, but the crystal seems to be unstable and requires further research.

Midlithe crystal is desired by specific employees of Nova Orion Industries. They are willing to trade various amounts of midlithe crystal for schematics or to aid your advancement in the company.

As you progress through the quest storyline, in order to move to the next rank, you will need to be "certified" within the company to become eligible for advancement. The certification process is long and arduous, but the NPC who handles certification is willing to overlook some company regulations and help fast track your certification in return for large amounts of midlithe crystal. You'll need the certification he supplies to advance to rank 2, 3, and 4.

Choose a side and play a part in the events unfolding at Nova Orion in Chapter 8!

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