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7 Aum Arivu spells magic at box office, Suriya excited


Chennai:  Tamil star Suriya is one happy man these days as his latest release 7 Aum Arivu has done good business and the actor says the film is a bigger grosser than Singham.

Singham was my biggest commercial hit but 7 Aum Arivu has collected that amount in the first 10 days itself," said the actor adding that, "People across the world has seen it and responded overwhelmingly."

"Theatre owners told me that there were segments of audience who returned to theatres after many years, just to see the film," he said.

Talking about mixed reactions to the film he said that he had faith in the director's concept. Apparently, Rajinikanth saw the film and complimented him on his hard work and asked him to keep it up.

During the making of the movie, Suriya gave his inputs and said: "I did say what I felt at various points and they took suggestions, which were feasible."

Talking about the portions that had been censored in Sri Lanka, the actor said: "The censor boards in different countries have different rules and everyone has to abide by it."

He also said that his father, who usually does not comment on his films, told him, "This is the first time you have done something like this."

In 7 Aum Arivu, he romanced Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan, and he joked that he was scared of her only for the first three days.

"It was like watching Kamal sir coming at first, but I soon got over it."

The actor is currently busy with K.V. Anand's Maatran and said that his character will be unique something never seen before.

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