Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Snuff Out Mike Pfleger

By now, you've probably heard of the recording of "moral authority" "Father" Michael Pfleger calling for John "R-i-g-g-i-o", the owner of a Chuck's Gun Shop (along with "legislators" who don't support citizen disarmament) to be "snuffed out."

Well like the good father says, "it's all about the Benjamins," which I guess is proof he understands street slang, and he understands what "snuff out" means among his (can you call a gaggle or a pack a "flock"?)

So what about the Benjamins, Mike? And why shouldn't your ability to apparently exploit tax laws the rest of us are forced to obey be snuffed out?

What am I talking about? Well, Mike's "church," St. Sabina, is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

That means, as a church, it's exempt from filing taxes, and contributions are tax deductible. But that also means, in order to qualify for this exemption, certain conditions must be adhered to. Per IRS Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization, Chapter 3. Section 501(c)(3), "Application for Recognition of Exemption":
The organization will not, as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation (unless it elects to come under the provisions allowing certain lobbying expenditures)...
When we look at the section on "Lobbying Expenditures," it says:
In general, if a substantial part of the activities of your organization consists of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, your organization’s exemption from federal income tax will be denied.

Father Mike's monomaniacal "crusade" against people being able to protect themselves was evidenced not only by his appearance at the rally, not only in his pledge to continue harassing lawful businesses and the citizens who operate and patronize them, and not only by a history of disarmament advocacy (Google search terms "Michael Pfleger" gun).

All one really needs to do is look at the St. Sabina webpage:

He certainly doesn't make much effort to separate "Gun Legislation to Support in Illinois" from the rest of the church's mission, does he?

And what legislation would that be? Why don't we take a look:

What are those 501(c)(3) restrictions again?

But wait--there's more. We also see a link for "The Beloved Community, Inc." which a little searching also reveals to be a 501 (c)(3) for which contributions are tax deductible:

It might not be out of line to ask why they're listed as the "bullet" (hah!) for:
Save Our Children - STOP Gangs - Killing - Guns - Drugs - What Can I Do? Download the flier and Stop sign
especially since they answered "NO" on their 2005 Form 990, Part III, "Statement About Activities," question 1:
During the year, has the organization attempted to influence national, state or local legislation, including any attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum?

(I could present a picture of the form in question here, but that would violate the terms of use for the information source--but the IRS will know where to find it.)

But it probably doesn't matter anyway--because the links to the information and fliers are dead (but curiously, went to St. Sabina webpages anyway, not to the "Beloved Community" site.)

Fortunately, we have one of my favorite resources, The Wayback Machine, that archived the page in question. From it, you can download their flier:

You can print out their sign:

You can "Call legislators and tell them to pass common sense gun laws..." (How very compliant with 501(c)(3) restrictions!)

You can call the anonymous hotline (paid for with tax deductible contributions?)!

And you can even get "REWARDS!"
We will offer rewards to people who call in to our anonymous hotline 773-483-HELP (4357) and give us information that leads to finding and getting guns out of our community.
Hmm. I wonder if the funds for those were taken from tax deductible donations to the church, and how much was paid out?

These are just rhetorical questions I'm asking, mind you. I personally could never sic the IRS on anyone, as I view the entire agency to be a usurpation and a betrayal of the intent of the Founders. My purpose in posting this was merely to point out some questions that deserve to be answered.

Of course, were someone from the government to use this information and "snuff out" Mike Pfleger's ability to apparently circumvent rules the rest of us must follow, well...


45superman said...

Wow, David--you nailed that one!

Thanks for the link, by the way.

Cousin G said...

Funny thing about the Catholic Church -- everyone (yes, even His Holiness, the Pope) is accountable to someone else. In the case of the "good father", that someone would be His Eminence, Cardinal Francis Eugene George, Archbishop of the Diocese of Chicago -- who's office can be contacted here:

I wonder what his Eminence will think when he sees what one of his priests is preaching...

I'll be writing them a nice, long e-mail in a bit, with links to your post, David.

If anyone else wants to do the same, well, who am I to stop you?

--Cousin G.

straightarrow said...

He may be a Catholic priest, but he sure as fuck is no Christian.

David Codrea said...

You're welcome 45s--thanks for alerting me to this. And thanks for spreading the word on all those forums. I appreciate the kind sentiments.

Cousin G--His "Eminence" wasn't very eminent when he ordered Pfleger transferred back in '02 and Mikey refused to go--even threatened to quit the church and take his parishioners with him--he got "the community" involved and Cardinal George backed down. So much for the Church exercising authority over its own.

This guy is a punk of the 1st order--defacing signs for alcohol and tobacco--and then his "community" jury nullified the law because Mikey claimed moral authority to vandalize.

What I equate this to is Marxist thuggery along the lines of Hugo Chavez--if Pfleger had the power, I wouldn't expect to see anything different.

Anyway, feel free to share your email if you want me to post it--although it will surprise me if the Archbishop will have the stones to do anything about this.

And straightarrow--blunt and to the point as usual, I see...

hairy hobbit said...

maybe someone will look into it, if only for infringing on their territory.

45superman said...

So much for the Church exercising authority over its own.

And it looks, according to
this story, as if that trend is to continue.

James Accurso, a spokesman for the Chicago Archdiocese, said he was not aware of the rally or Pfleger's participation in it until after it took place Saturday.

He told Cybercast News Service that the church had no plans to take disciplinary action against Pfleger.

"If the reports are accurate and he did make a threat - and we're not certain of that - we feel this should be handled by the civil authorities," Accurso said.

The article also tells of Pfleger's minions using the predictable "he didn't know what 'snuff' means" defense.

Beach Girl said...

Excellent, David. I'll post on this right now with link.

David Codrea said...

Thanks BG.

Accountability Advocate said...

This is the climate we face in "The Peoples Republic of Illinois". Hypocrisy is just business as usual in Chicago and Illinois. Even as an Illinois native, I often regret moving back from Texas, but at the same time, glad to be in the fight for our rights. My advice to other constitutional supporters is to avoid this state or come help me in our fight to maintain our rights.

CGWhitehood said...

Let me say this first,"Str8arrow" It sounds like you're an expert on that... I've read the comments on this page and a few questions came to mind. One,how many of the people posting has ever been to that area in Chicago? I mean everybody is speaking as if they have first hand knowlege about the whole situation.Now correct me if I'm wrong,but "Mikey" didn't go to the gunshop by himself. There were a bunch of people...FROM THAT AREA...that were with him,including the lady who's son was shot in the head on a CTA bus,trying to protect someone.Has anyone made the effort to call "Mikey's" church and find out firsthand why he used such foul language?? I'll put money on it...ya didn't...and ya won't. Can you name one person who's speaking up for the families who LIVE in that urban jungle? Why would anyone do THAT!!?! It's not MY problem. It takes courage to approach someone you don't understand.Even if you don't agree with them,when you "snuff" 'em out you can do so with self gained intelligence,and not someone elses opinion who's agenda you have no knowlege of.Uhh, sound like a Burger King CME church member. You want it your way,and attend church on Christmas,Mother's Day,and Easter. This Pfleger guy shouldn't be so disrespectful of the law!! I can tell by everything YOU blogged that you've been to Mikey's church several time. YOU GOT FIRST HAND KNOWLEGE ABOUT THIS JERK!!!...Yeah,right..and there are WMD's in Iraq.Defacing signs for Alcohol,and tobacco!!??! How rude!! He shouldn't have done that.However,M.A.D.D.,and,saw the move as radical,and encouraged him...along with those poor,uneducated,savages that go to his church. Yes indeed we have our rights to bear arms because you KNOW that we have to protect ourselves from people like those gangbangers. By the way,you know who else is pissed with Pfleger? Those rappers!! You know like SnoopDogg,and 50cent?! Yeah,THOSE thugs are mad at Pfleger too! Why!!? You wouldn't understand. But have a good one!! Keep shootin'!!!(smile)
Oh yeah,I chose the blog name to fit in with the surroundings...

David Codrea said...

Oh, look, an anoymous troll speaking of courage.