November 26, 2011
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E-commerce Platform Customization: Tweaking the Magento Admin Interface

Learn how to update the Magento e-commerce platform the right way by taking advantage of its powerful extension capabilities.

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Unit Testing - Why Should You Care?

Long a staple of the Agile community, unit testing is becoming more and more popular. While there is a lot of content on how to unit, the question of why unit test isn't always addressed. There are very real, tangible benefits from unit testing - it's more than just "writing more code".

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10 Android App Performance Tips for Developers

It's up to all Android developers to create high performing applications. Here are 10 ways developers can improve the performance of their Android apps.

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Using CSS3 to Jazz up your Web Forms

A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the most popular ways to apply a consistent look and feel to your website. CSS3 adds some useful features making it even more appealing for web designers and developers. In this article you will learn some new features introduced in CSS3 viz. table layout, non-standard fonts, transforms, transitions, corners and shadows.

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Understanding Windows Azure CDN Service

Windows Azure provides ability to cache blobs in its Content Delivery Network service. In this article, we explore Windows Azure Content Delivery Network Service and see how we can use it in our applications.

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