Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hello There!

It's quiet in the world of the Time Travel Opportunists now that Nathan has moved down to London.

Although not working that much as a trio anymore, Emma has never been busier writing and getting published, Biff has finished lots of songs and pieces of music and put them on a compact disc, and Nathan has been honing his craft.

You can read about all this new work on the label website: Time Travel Opps.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Fine Evening Of Travelling Through Time

Tonight, QUAD are showing The Time Traveler’s Wife. They contacted us lot at Time Travel Opportunists to put on a night of words to follow a literary adaptation (of which there are a few kicking about at the moment). Now, The Time Traveler’s Wife is looking like it might disappoint a bit, but it’s still about TIME innit, so we’re putting on a night all about time to follow the film that should either extend the enjoyment (if the film is as good as the book that it’s based on) or flood it out (if it’s not) with time themed wonders from the worlds of short films, fiction, and music.

Here’s what the evening is looking like:

Time Travel Opportunists – me, Nathan Good and Emma Lannie, reading our original ficton.
Dr. Paul Hammond OBE – local actor, entrepreneur and savant shares his theories of time…
MOMO – We’ll be reading selections from Michael Ende’s classic throughout the evening.

‘On Time’ by Ted Chung – an incredible short film made in 24 hours at the 2008 Berlinale Talent Campus.
‘Back To The Future The Musical’ – one-man, one-theme tune. That’s all that needs saying.
‘Chronos’ by Ron Fricke – a visual journey through time (we’ll be playing this ambiently throughout the night)

Time themed musical journeys will be spun throughout this merry evening by DJ Emmett L. Brown. Great Scott!

All this is FREE as well. Seeing the film isn’t (it’s the usual price of about five or six quid), but the whole night afterwards is. We’ll start at 8:30pm, after the 6:10pm showing of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Join us. JOIN US.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Festé Wrap Party

On Sunday 6th September, as well as it being Nath's Birthday, NO PARKING are taking over Déda with their 'Buildings Without Walls' exhibition. Hello Hubmarine have joined forces with them for the Festé Wrap Party that night. Me, Biff and Nath will be reading TTO stuff, and Joe Coghlan and Jonezy will be doing amazing things with words and microphones. Our special guest Mike Wilson will also be performing poetry there. There will be music from Bell Hagg Orkestar, FUNfun, Dulcinea and The Dust Collectors. There's even a foyer band AND a puppet show!

It kicks off at 7pm, and tickets are £3.

You can see what other things are happening over the Festé weekend here.

Keeping The Present Inevitable

This poster is from a series by Amy Martin for the Federation for the Advancement of Time.
We definitely need to pay a visit to The Echo Park Time Travel Mart, and more specifically, here. They are doing good things.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


We're proper chuffed to be doing our Hello Hubmarine set again within a week of Summer Sundae. I'm not sure if we've talked that much about the Time Travel Opportunists involvement with Hello Hubmarine - it's quite a difficult thing to 'nail down'. Basically, when doing our TTO stuff (books, parties, stories) we met a load of other folks who liked doing that stuff as well. So we joined up and called ourselves Hello Hubmarine and did some workshops and are planning to take over the world with the power of the pen. Or something. More on that another time probably.

For now, though, we're performing a half-hour showcase/set of stories, poems, and a song. We go on stage one after another, in quick succession, not stopping for introductions or rambles. It's a half-hour that's all about the pieces themselves. It's about the performance, not the performer. We did this at Summer Sundae at Phrased & Confused and if I hadn't seen the set a load of times before I seriously would have fallen off my chair. Jonezy and Joe Coghlan in particular raised the bar significantly for me personally.

The contrasting colours of each of our different strands of creativity are celebrated, not segmented. I play an Emphemetry song, Emma reads a story about kissing and newts (not kissing newts though), and Nathan talks crayons and spray paints; Jonezy delivers two pieces - a tragic lullaby and a call to arms; Joe Coghlan gives both sides of the story in an epic poem about suburban alienation and despair; Aimee Wilkinson nearly drowns trying to catch the attention of a lifeguard, and Catherine Rogers introduces it all.

So yeah, we're doing it all again this Friday at City-Zen, and are pretty prepared to do it anywhere and anywhen we can.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How We Spent Our Weekend

You can read all about our roadtrip to Wales and our Summer Sundae shenanigans here.

Monday, 3 August 2009

TTO go to Wales

We're doing a stall at the Book Arts Fayre in Cardiff on Saturday 15th August. We've been looking at photos of the last one and it looks brilliant. Lots of lovely handmade books and badges and cakes! We'll have copies of our chapbooks for sale, and there might even be some new, very limited edition bits and bobs too. Biff will be performing an Emphemetry set, and we'll be reading stories as well. Then it's back to the Midlands for the Summer Sundae on the Sunday. Busy times!