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Talking to Facebook's Social Graph with PHP
By Jason Gilmore
As a Facebook Platform developer, you can use Facebook APIs to bend Facebook's social graph in ways which are limited only by your imagination, accessing and interacting with friends, events, pages, photos, notes, groups, and essentially anything else a Facebook user interacts with on a regular basis.

Building RESTful Web Services with the Zend Framework
By Jason Gilmore
The Zend Framework's Zend_Rest component offers PHP developers with an incredibly straightforward approach to building RESTful Web services. In this article we will tell you how you can use RESTful web services with the Zend Framework.

An Early Look at Zend Framework 2.0
By Jason Gilmore
The Zend Framework's soaring popularity, coupled with the rapid evolution of frameworks both within and without the PHP community, has given the Zend Framework team quite a bit to think about in the 19 months since starting work on version 2.0. In this article we'll take an early look at the Zend Framework 2.0!

Creating a Database-driven Fuel PHP Application
By Jason Gilmore
Dive into the powerful Fuel PHP framework by learning how to how to configure it for a MySQL DB, and how to use its schema migration and scaffolding features. Founder Passes Away, Leaves Indelible FLOSS Legacy
By PHPBuilder Staff
At 37, PHPBuilder Founder Tim Perdue died too soon, but his contributions to the PHP and open source communities assure him a lasting legacy.

Building RESTful APIs with the Slim Microframework
By Jason Gilmore
Slim is a slick RESTful microframework for PHP 5. In this article I'll show you just how easy it is to get started building a powerful RESTful API using this streamlined framework.

Incorporate Weather Data into Your PHP Web Apps
By Jason Gilmore
The Services_Weather PEAR Package is perhaps the easiest way for PHP developers to retrieve weather-related data for use in their applications.

Introducing Namespaces for PHP Developers
By Jason Gilmore
PHP's historical lack of namespace support has long been a sore spot for developers residing both within and without the PHP community. In this article we'll look at namespaces for PHP developers.

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Article: Using Drupal 7 with SQL Server
With Drupal 7, PHP developers now have the option of connecting one of the world's most popular Content Management Systems with SQL Server on a Windows platform. Learn how and why this has come about, what to look out for, and how you can get started using Drupal with SQL Server today. »

Article: PHP Content Management on Windows: Joomla on the Microsoft Web Platform
By using Joomla! along with the Microsoft Web Platform, developers are able to leverage the advanced functionality, ease-of-use and extendible features of Joomla! to enhance the web development tools that are essential to the Microsoft Web Platform. »

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Backups - MySQL Dump/Email Mash-Up - Steve Dickinson

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