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Penn & Teller Tell A Lie Video

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Play Penn & Teller: Monster Trucks Beaten
3 Clips Playlist Fabric Beats Monster Trucks


More amazing true stories including machine guns that can't hit much and a bottle trick that will cheat you every time.
Play Penn & Teller: Hair Bleach is Rocket Fuel
3 Clips Playlist Hair Bleach Is Rocket Fuel


Watch the best of the almost unbelievable claims, including panning for gold on New York sidewalks and splitting a bullet with a butter knife.
Play Penn & Teller: LIE Reveal Exclusives
6 Clips Playlist LIE Reveal Exclusives


Penn & Teller reveal how they crafted their BIG FAT LIES in each Tell A Lie Episode.
Play Penn & Teller: Wine was A Weapon
3 Clips Playlist Wine Was A Weapon


Watch more outrageous claims that just happen to be true.
Play Penn & Teller: Blow Out A Forest Fire
4 Clips Playlist Blow Out A Forest Fire


Penn & Teller try to sell us on more unbelievable claims like blowing out a forest fire with a jet engine and cutting steel with bacon.
Play Penn & Teller Tell A Lie: Hair Lifts A Car
4 Clips Playlist Hair Can Lift A Mustang


Penn & Teller present outrageous claims about airplanes, obscenity, tigers, hair and alligators.

About the Show

Penn & Teller bring their unique vision of the world in a new interactive series with a twist. In each episode, Penn & Teller make up to seven outrageous claims. While most of the wildly unbelievable stories are absolutely, positively true - one of them is a BIG FAT LIE.



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