Bettermeans LLC is dead. Long live bettermeans!

Posted by shereef on Aug 19, 2011 in blog | 14 comments

Hard to know how to start this blog entry.

It’s summer. My youngest son was born just a few weeks ago. Life is good.
It’s been over two years since we started bettermeans.

Over the past few months, we’ve come to the conclusion, that while we have a strong and powerful idea that we believe in, we haven’t succeeded in creating a viable and sustainable business around that idea.

So we’re killing the business, and releasing the idea to our community.

We will continue to host and contribute to the code along with the community. We will discontinue email and phone support (except for paying customers)

As of today, the bettermeans code is open sourced under the GPL licence where we hope it will continue to thrive and serve the amazing people that depend on it.

This is by no means the end of bettermeans. Simply our decision to no longer have our livelihood tied to it.

I still firmly believe that the time for open enterprise, and bettermeans is here. My hope and prayer is that many more people join now that the code is free, and continue to evolve the ideas and the tools that will support the future of work.

It’s been an incredible ride. We’ve met so many outstanding people doing amazing things in the world.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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14 Responses to “Bettermeans LLC is dead. Long live bettermeans!”

  1. Shereef,

    I hear you! Transmuting entrenched Old World ways of organizing and livelihood generation into New World endeavors is the ultimate of challenges. Your time will come, and I hope to help it get here with my own little endeavor, Creating the New World. It’s going to need a way to mobilize the work of world-builders that isn’t “old world.” Let’s talk sometime!

  2. Dave Doolin says:

    Cool, I just started watching over at github. In truth, I’ve not yet found a PM tool I really like, not even the really famous one from San Fran. =( I’ll see about spinning up a project in a month or so; already working in Basecamp for current project.

    I know this had to be a painful decision. Kudos for making it happen.

  3. Good effort Shereef and company. I am sad that you find yourself in this situation and hope that you know that you have been an inspiration. It may not be your code as much as your spirit and vision that had impact on me and many around me. Thank you for your efforts and intention. I hope you find a way to continue to express your spirit.


  4. Sorry to hear this. Like Jeff, I was also inspired by your vision and passion that I’m reluctant to say is severely lacking in the motherland. Sad to see you go work on something else but hoping that it is nothing less ambitious and visionary than bettermeans. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

  5. Shereef, this is a bittersweet moment. It’s unfortunate that BetterMeans couldn’t transform into a sustainable business. Your vision and efforts were truly inspiring and heart warming. Here is to hoping that the principles and values all of you stand for seep in and transform the way our society works at large. Much love, appreciation and respect.

  6. Oh, I just discovered BetterMeans yesterday! I was looking for a better PM and I felt in love with BetterMeans.

    I was playing with your github repo and I find that its layout doesn’t match with the layout and design shown in your videos, as in

    Maybe it is an unreleased design? Even if it’s something incomplete, it would be great to have this design because it’s more clean than the actual one :) Anyway, you did an awesome work here. I hope community will keep the flame because BetterMeans is the best PM ever.

  7. Thank you Immad. And for all your support and encouragement along the way man. Here’s to hoping :)

  8. Thank you Dario!
    Yes, we changed the layout since we made that video.
    One area we need to improve is usability and design. If you feel you can improve it please do!

  9. Thank YOU for the fish.

  10. Hi Shereef,

    Sorry to hear that the project hasn’t panned out as you hoped. There is a real shortage of businesses out there who are as committed as BetterMeans to enabling better ways of working. We have been using you as an example of the future of work in some of our presentations and I can only hope that by opening up the code that the ideas and philosophy behind BetterMeans continues to grow and evolve.

    Best of luck with whatever it is that you set off to do next.



  11. Jose Ospina says:

    Good day Shereef,

    I’ve discovered Bettermeans two days ago. Interestingly, I´ve found just 15 days after your post and after months of reflecting myself on a business model that resembles, in a several ways, the one proposed by you.

    My (current) view of an open enterprise is immature, and have some similarities with yours, but also some differences, both on the fundamental aspects and the methodological ones.

    Right now I’m trying to reconstruct what happened inside Bettermeans by looking on your workstream. I plan to use your model of open enterprise, together with all that information there, to adjust/reconsider some of the points that I think are relevant to an open enterprise.

    I think that designing an open enterprise can be considered a problem whose answer can be explored “scientifically”. To this end the experience of Bettermeans represents empirical evidence that should be very valuable.

    My message is simply to suggest you to collect and organize as much information as you can about the day-to-day life of an open enterprise and to share it.

    I wish you the best on the future steps towards the implementation of that powerful concept you have.

  12. Hey guys!!!

    Well…I have to say I have big ideas to build upon the amazing job you guys have done. Your project was a beautiful source of inspiration to me…I can´t really say much here but I´ll be in contact with you guys some time in the not so distant future.

    Big big hugs and many thanks for being alive doing what you do…and hey, enjoy being a father!!


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