ispace is a graph-based tool for visualizing, analyzing, and experimentally reorganizing Java dependency graphs. The tool provides a set of simple but flexible means for tailoring the visualized graph corresponding to information needs of the user. Moreover, it is integrated into Eclipse and works with Eclipse’s Java Development Tools.

Interested? Look at the documentation and try ispace yourself.

Questions? Feel free to post on our forums or send a mail to Ivica Aracic.

<aracic [at] stribor [dot] de>


21. October 2010
Why this project stopped and what I have been doing recently. The answer is here:
chick chick BOOM - WiiWare - EU Release on 29.10.2010 - 800 WiiPoints - ;-)

17. October 2010
CVS has been disabled. You can download the source code snapshot here.

20. March 2007
0.8.1 is available.
Check ChangeLog for details.

5. March 2007
License changed to EPL.
Anonymous CVS access to source code and Roadmap added.

16. January 2007
Maintenance Release 0.7.3 is available.
Check ChangeLog for details.

14. January 2007
User Guide updated and ChangeLog added.
ChangeLog also gives an overview of changes in the upcoming release.

5. December 2006
Maintenance Release 0.7.2 is available. Check our issue tracker for fixed bugs and changes. Furthermore, the plugin is now installable via an updatesite.

4. December 2006
Our forums are online.

1. December 2006
Our issue tracker is online.

10. November 2006
The first release of ispace is available. Download it here.

9. November 2006
The ispace homepage goes online.