Chad Mobile Market (Q1 2008 - Q3 2010)

The Chad mobile market is made up of 2 mobile network operators and is regulated by OTRT.

The CIA World Factbook estimates that Chad has a population of around 10.7 million people for which we estimate a mobile teledensity of 24.3 (based on September 2010 subscriber data).

This file is made up of 2 MNO profiles. These are the mobile network operators active as of January 2011.

Profiles contain brand and company names, contact information, parent companies identified, network technology information (GSM/CDMA, EDGE, GPRS, 2G/3G) and named C-level management contacts (no e-mail addresses or direct lines). Also included are Blycroft's AMETW quarterly mobile subscriber data for the period stated. Profile information is presented on a where possible basis.

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Sample report: Mauritius (Excel file)


The mobile directory series began in 2006 and contains both MNO and MVNO coverage - both regionally and globally.

The MNO Directory contains GSM and CDMA mobile network operators. The MVNO Directory contains virtual networks and resellers largely found in Europe and North America.