Our Covenant

Unlike many denominations, Unitarian Universalsit (UU) churches have a long history as a creedless church.  In other words, there is no creed, no particular statement of beliefs to which you must agree, in order to join a UU church.  But this does not mean that anything goes in Unitarian Universalism.

What holds our church together is not a creed, but a covenant.  Unlike a creedal statement that lists a set of beliefs, a covenant lists the set of promises of how we freely agree to be together in religious community.  Also, rather than being handed down from an ancient church council, each local congregation has the responsibility, and the freedom, to articulate its own covenant.  When new members join our church, they are asked not only to make these promises to other church members, but to receive these promises from the rest of us in the church.  Our church formally entered into its current covenant in May 2001:

We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brazos Valley, covenant with one another to:

  • Affirm and promote an open, safe, and respectful environment in which to come together for worship and fellowship,
  • Encourage spiritual and intellectual growth in our children, youth, and adults,
  • Respect one another's viewpoints and experiences,
  • Offer our individual talents and resources, to be honest about what we can and cannot do, and
  • Celebrate our connections to one another and the sacred circle of life.