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Cambarus (Cambarus) Angularis, A New Crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae) from the Tennessee River Basin of Northeastern Tennessee and Virginia

Author: Horton H. Hobbs, Jr., and Raymond W. Bouchard

ISBN: 1061-1878

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I am a member of the Virginia Museum of Natural History.
Cambarus (Cambarus) angularis is described from some 75 localities in the Powell, Clinch, and Holston river systems of northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia. It seems to have its closest affinity with populations of Cambarus (C.) sciotensis in the New River system in southwestern Virginia. Distinguishing it from the latter and other members of the subgenus Cambarus is the following combination of characters: rostral margins thickened and in most adults forming distinct angles at base of acumen; densely punctate areola 3.3 to 5.6 times as long as broad; chelae with single row of usually low tubercles on mesial margin of palm, fingers gaping in larger adults; central projection of first pleopod strongly recurved, almost always reaching level of distal base of mesial process, and with subapical notch; epistome conspicuously punctate.

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