Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Risus] Last Stand of Tyrurk now available

Howdy folks,

Last Stand of Tyrurk, as I mentioned here, is now ready for your enjoyment, amusement, insult, or mockery.

It's a pretty simple adventure (it would have to be if I limit myself to 8 pages) for use with Axe, Hammer, and Rune, designed as the first step in campaign.


Risus Monkey said...

Love it! Giving it a closer read right now.

One suggestion: a few more threats with multiple cliches instead of loading everything into a single cliche. Multiple cliche add texture and endurance in a fight, but is typically more relevent to "boss" fights and such.

Looks like you only did it once in encounter area D5, but I may be missing something.

Oh, and I love the maps too.

thwaak said...

No, you didn't miss anything. The Fell Spiders are the only thing with multiple cliches, though now that you mention it, I should have moved Krunit's magic abilities to a second cliche.

I'll be posting an actual play report of this adventure later today. I ran it on Saturday night to great success.