FOSS Open Hardware Documentation

The goal of this page is to provide an open and transparent avenue for individuals to track requests made to Sun Microsystems for open hardware documentation.

The Process:
  • If you have hardware documentation (for systems or for microelectronics) that you would like Sun to make available please submit a request via request form. Please don't  post requests to the table below; we need that form filled out to trigger the process.
  • In the request please provide the name of the chipset or hardware (both the code name and official name or description if possible e.g. "Cheerio" aka PCIO, PCI Input output controller)
  • Please also add any additional comments that you think are relevant, such as details of the project that you're working on.
  • The request will initially be logged below as "investigating" and will be updated as more information becomes available.
  • Sun will act in good faith and try and make the documents available but this may not always be possible or feasible. However, the progress and outcome will be tracked on this wiki.
  • If the chip is based on confidential third party technology/documentation Sun will approach the owner to see if they are willing to publicly post their documentation. If they decline Sun will list the Status as "unavailable." If contractually possible, Sun will list the third party chip Sun's implementation is based on.

    For more information and background on this effort, please see the blog entries describing the initiative and its launch.

Casting Light On The Past
Former project name Marketing name/description Status Comments Implementations
  A1000 Raid Array 28-Aug-08 Investigating How to monitor and configure the A1000 from Linux.  
  SSP protocol and SSP Console 28-May-08 Investigating Required to drive E10000 server  
  FC Sbus cards 13-May-08 Investigating based on Tachyon chip  
FFB3 XVR-1000 13-May-08 Investigating Includes MAJC-5200  
AFB Elite 3D 02-Apr-08 Investigating X3677A/501-5574  
FFB Creator 3D 02-Apr-08 Investigating X3670A/501-5690  
  SunVideo SBus cards 05-Aug-08 Docs located SunVideo Hardware Specification (801-5180-05; July 22, 1993; 150pp)  
  Prestoserve NFS Accelerator 05-Mar-08 Investigating Part No. 370-140  
Swift MicroSPARC-II user's guide errata 20-Dec-07 Investigating. May be part of SPARCStation 5 errata  
  Sun Smartcard iic chipset 14-Jan-08 Hardcopy located; third-party confidential; third-party being approached    
  LOM requests 28-Aug-08 Being reviewed Functional Spec for Netra Lomlite: lomlite2_funcspec.v10__Netra(21 pgs)
Interfaces spec: lomlite2_interfaces(54 pgs)
  ZX/Leo board 05-Aug-08 Docs located; in reviewer's queue Leo Hardware Reference Manual (800-7216-10; June 1993)
Leo Theory of Operation (800-7220-10; June 1993)
SBUS Gem Gigabit Ethernet 2.0 (GBE/S) Specification (04-Sept-08) X1140A  
  Sbus SunPC card Unable to locate (25-Aug-08)    
  SX/CG14 parts on SparcStation 20
TCX/S24 parts on SparcStation 5
Unable to locate (05-Aug-08) Framebuffers  
  Sun QFE PCI (QFEPCI) STP2003QFP Datasheet
STP2003QFP Manual
Digital/Intel 21153-AC PCI-PCI Bridge Intel Spec Download
Quality Semiconductor QS6612 PHY Lucent equivalent
ACT16373 Fairchild's Web Site
  TurboGX Reference Card 800-5112 Unable to locate (15-July-08)    
  SunPCi BIOS No Spec created (05-August-08) The BIOS file is located in the Sun PCi SW package. I believe in /opt/SUNWspci3/bios along with the soft loaded cmos.bin file.  
Penguin SunPCi CPU: AMD K6 AMD site
Northbridge: SiS 5598
Host Bridge: Intel 21554 available (07-July-08)
Chimera SunPCi-II CPU: Intel Celeron Intel site
Northbridge: SiS 630 - unavailable
Host Bridge: Intel 21554 available (07-July-08)
  SunPCi-III Preliminary SunPCi-III spec
CPU: Mobile AMD Athlon XP AMD site
Northbridge: VIA KN266 VIA site
Host Bridge: Intel 21555 available (07-July-08)
  SEC SBus to Ebus Interface User's Guide (STP2014) Unable to locate (10-June-08)    
  EMC Error Correcting Memory Controller Users's Guide (STP2013) Unable to locate (10-June-08)    
  Single Chip GX/TGX Product Family Theory of Operation Manual available (09-June-08) Hardware theory of operation for SBus cgsix graphics cards  
Tsunami MicroSPARC-I user's manual Reference Guide available (28-May-08) Received permission from TI to publish (doc based on Sun copyrighted material)  
Swift MicroSPARC-II User's Manual available (22-Apr-08)    
Swift MicroSPARC-II Datasheet available (22-Apr-08)    
  Writing SBus Drivers Guide available (22-Apr-08) Part No. 800-4455-10
Request was for "Datasheet for IEEE Std P1496"
  Writing FCode Drivers for SBus Guide available (22-Apr-08) Part No. 800-4456-10
Request was for "Datasheet for IEEE Std P1496"
  SPARCsystem 600MP VMEbus Implementation Guide Guide available (03-Apr-08) Part No. 800-6738-11  
Vector Docs for VGE (Vector Gigabit Ethernet)cards Unable to locate docs (25-Mar-08) VGE was OEM'd from Alteon's "Alteon AceNIC." The driver was the vge driver  
Viking CPU & MXCC SuperSPARC I CPU and Multicache controler Manual available (05-Mar-08) STP1020  
Voyager CPU SuperSPARC II CPU Manual available (05-Mar-08) STP1021; Addendum to SuperSPARC I manual  
MXCC SuperSPARC Multicache controller addendum Manual available (05-Mar-08) STP1090A/1091; Addendum to SuperSPARC I manual  
  Sun-4M System Architecture (revision 2.0) by Chuck Narad Manual available (27-Feb-08) Should contain info re. SPARCstation 10 iommu ASIC (MSI STP2011)  
Happy Meal Fast Ethernet, Parallel Port and SCSI ASIC chip (FEPS) User's Guide available (01-Apr-08) Part of the Sun4M architecture.  
Happy Meal Fast Ethernet, Parallel Port and SCSI ASIC chip (FEPS) Datasheet available (25-Mar-08) Part of the Sun4M architecture.  
Macio Sun Ethernet, Parallel and SCSI ASIC chip (NCR89c100) Manual available (18-Mar-08) Part of the Sun4M architecture. Macio & Slavio were co-developed by Sun and the now defunct NCR microelectronics (NCR micro eventually became a part of LSI logic.)  
Slavio Sun external serial port ASIC chip (NCR89c105) Manual available (18-Mar-08) (see above comment)  
  MicroSPARC-IIep (STP1100) Errata available (05-Aug-08)    
  MicroSPARC-IIep (STP1100) Datasheet available (17-Jan-08)    
  MicroSPARC-IIep (STP1100) Manual available (15-Jan-08)    
  MicroSPARC-II 85/110 MHz (STP1012) Datasheet available (17-Dec-07)    
UltraSPARC I IIi Manual available(18-Dec-07) UltraSPARC I errata are in Appendix K of the IIi manual which starts on page 471  
Hummingbird & Phantom
UltraSPARC IIe & IIi Errata doc available(18-Dec-07)    
UltraSPARC III Errata doc available (14-Jan-08)    
Cheetah+ & ++
UltraSPARC III+ & III++ Errata doc available (18-Dec-07)    
UltraSPARC IIIi Errata doc available (14-Jan-08)    
UltraSPARC IV Errata doc available (18-Dec-07)    
UltraSPARC IV+ Errata doc available (18-Dec-07)    
U2P, UPA to PCI host bridge Errata doc (download) available (13-Nov-07) Must save locally before viewing  
  XVR-500 Framebuffer Unavailable. Based on confidential third-party technology/documents (27-Sept-07) Based on the Wildcat 2 graphics chip from 3D Labs  
Safari to UPA and PCI host bridge Errata doc available (18-Oct-07)    
Schizo Safari to UPA and PCI host bridge Manual available (01-Oct-07)   OpenBSD
Neptune PCI Express 1.1 compliant Dual 10Gbps Ethernet/Quad 1G bps RGMII Network Interface Chip. Manual available (12-Oct-07)    
  NIU, Network Interface Unit for UltraSPARC T2 Manual available (20-Aug-07) The NIU is covered in chapters 23-29  
Gem Gigabit Ethernet 2.0 (GBE/P) Manual available (28-Aug-07)   OpenBSD
Cassini GigaSwift Ethernet 1.0 UTP Manual available (28-Aug-07)   OpenBSD
Tomatillo JIO, Jbus to PCI host bridge Manual available (27-July-07)   OpenSolaris
  Fire I2C controller Manual available (01-Apr-08) Based on Mentor Graphics MI2CV IP core;
Subset of specification (pgs 10-25, pdf);
Posted by permission of Mentor Graphics, Inc.
Fire Jbus to PCI-Express root complex Manual available (10-Aug-07)
Errata doc available (27-July-07)
Delta doc available (27-July-07)
Cheerio PCIO, Multi-function PCI bus device Manual available (19-July-07) hme (Happy Meal Ethernet) is described within Cheerio OpenBSD
Psycho U2P, UPA to PCI host bridge Manual available (19-July-07)
RISC RIC, Reset Interrupt/Clock Controller Manual available    
  XB1 Manual available    
SCUP USC Uniprocessor System Controller Manual available    
  Advanced PCI Bridge Chip Manual available    
  VIS Instruction Set User's Manual available    


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  1. Nov 29, 2010

    ab1s3frg5 says:

    Some of the links on this page seem to be broken. For example, "Tomatillo" links...

    Some of the links on this page seem to be broken.
    For example, "Tomatillo" links to http://www.sun.com/processors/manuals/PIO_ref_manual.pdf, but no pdf document appears.
    Likewise the Schizo manual link is broken.
    Have these documents moved?

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