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Advanced notes for Ulysses ch7 (Eolus)

Jorn Barger Feb2000 (updated Feb2001)

As of Nov2000 these notes have been broken down into 18 separate pages, so some links will be broken (sorry). Basic skills intro.

 Sun's path:                       Scylla WRocks
                             Lestry             Sirens
                        > Eolus <                   Cyclops
              Proteus   Hades                         Nausikaa
             Nestor  LotusE                             OxenSun
       Telemachus  Calypso                                Circe
SD= Stephen Dedalus  BM= Buck Mulligan   LB= Leopold Bloom   Eumeus
SiD= Simon Dedalus   JAJ= James A Joyce  BB= Blazes Boylan    Ithaca
EB= EncycBritannica  Cath= CatholicEncyc MB= Molly Bloom       Penelope

This is meant to supplement Gifford's "Ulysses Annotated" [Amazon], not replace it. Line numbers use Gabler's system. [Amazon]

7: Eolus (not 'Aeolus') [etext]

Compare text and notes via frames

Linati schema: "The Mockery of Victory"

Odyssey: Book X (8 short pars)

[map] [aerial view]

Parallel inventory of rhetorical figures [many!]

# at Freeman's Journal offices, LB gets old Keyes ad from Murray
# FJ-editor passes, LB down hall to Telegraph offices, Hynes hint
# LB explains ad-changes to foreman Nannetti
# Nannetti demands renewal, LB watches him proofing
# LB stops with friends on way out
# all scorn Dawson's rhetoric
# SiD proposes pub-visit
# Telegraph-editor Crawford raves, newsboy interrupts
# LB bumps Lenehan on way out, newsboys mimic LB
# MacHugh on Rome's sewers
# SD enters with letter, Lenehan's riddle
# MacH on Greece, Lenehan babbles
# Crawford recruits SD, Gallaher-anecdote
# all babble
# SD's drink-sodden thoughts
# all praise Bushe's rhetoric
# MacHugh re-incarnates Taylor's rhetoric
# all adjourn for pub
# SD starts parable as all exit building
# LB haggles with lagging Crawford for Keyes deal
# Crawford catches up with SD's story
# baffled sympathy at inconclusive end of parable

7.16 "mailcars"

cf USA 1903 [RealVid]

7.59 "Co-ome thou lost"

M'appari [Caruso RealAud] ditto





7.237 "MacHugh"

based on Hugh MacNeill, whom Curran suggests may have been J's Latin prof at UC [cpc61] but [hg55] disagrees (O'Nowlan and Semple)


7.325 "forgot Hamlet"

Gifford says McHugh is somehow referring to this particular Shakespearean bombast (which makes no mention of the moon?): "But, look, the morn, in russet mantle clad,/ Walks o'er the dew of yon high eastward hill" [etext] Schutte in Joyce and Shakespeare pleads ignorance on this one.

the Philly MS has "The moon... He forgot the moon."



7.359 "North Cork"

posting: [password] ditto ditto ditto [query]

7.391 "newsboys"

cf 1903 NY World RealVideo



[page image]

7.427 "boys of Wexford"

[lyrics] ditto

7.455 "Oval"



7.479 "fat"

posting: [password] [query]

7.486 "imperial, imperious, imperative"

cf Stephen Hero p101, 'Whelan' defending Greek art



7.582 "Joe Miller"

posting: [password]


7.621 "Put us all into it"

the Dublin literary crowd had a pretty solid tradition of writing (and gossiping) about each other, so Joyce's works were just taking this tradition to a much deeper level of honesty, and turning his attention from the 'stars' (eg Yeats, Moore, Russell) to the ordinary

7.632 "That was in eightyone, sixth of May"

Rose 'corrects' this to 'eightytwo' [Senn]

the year-off motif [more]

Phoenix Park murders: [narrative]



7.750 "porches"

cf Hamlet [etext]


7.785 "yankee interviewer"

identified by Kain as Cornelius Weygandt [Bibliofind]

7.806 "contumely"

cf Hamlet [etext]


7.826 "shellfish"

posting: [password] [query]

7.830 "transported"

WB Yeats had cited the same address, delivered in October 1901, in a 1916 memoir [wbya101] probably read by JAJ: "I am carried to another age, a nobler society, and another Lord Chancellor is speaking. I am at the Court of the first Pharaoh... 'If you have any spirituality as you boast, why not use our great empire to spread it through the world, why still cling to that beggarly nationality of yours? What are its history and its works weighed with those of Egypt?' ...I see a man at the edge of the crowd; he is standing listening there, but he will not obey... had he obeyed he would never have come down the mountain carrying in his arms the Tables of the Law in the language of the outlaw."

JF Taylor was Yeats' lifelong nemesis in debate.

7.835 "crooked smokes"

Cymbeline [etext]


7.881 "Miles of ears of porches"

Rose 'corrects' this to 'porches of ears' [Senn]


7.951 "crubeen"



7.969 "Rathmines"

[old pic]


7.1018 "onehandled"



Eolus discussion

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