Bitcoin Widgets

Here is a list of widgets for Bitcoin websites and fundraisers: counters, progress bars and qr-codes.

Four methods are provided: iframe, html object, image, and javascript.
Please refer to the source code of this page for the syntax.

See also this page if you want to add a release threshold to your bitcoin address.

Counters and progress bars


The received amount is passed to a callback function that you provide.

Html object

Donate to 1NrVe3iENN3nJRCH4gaDwa1xBM1Gw3ddLB

To obtain a progress bar, add a "target" parameter the URL, indicating the donation amount needed to reach 100% :
Donate to 1NrVe3iENN3nJRCH4gaDwa1xBM1Gw3ddLB

Other parameters can be added to the url: Example:
Donate to 1NrVe3iENN3nJRCH4gaDwa1xBM1Gw3ddLB


Simple counter:

Progress bar:


Same parameters as above.

QR codes

This is javascript. You may embed it or link it, using this link