What do our elected officials say about eminent domain?

This website is dedicated to the preservation of private property rights, a fundamental concept of government in the United States since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and the first Mississippi Constitution in 1817.


The early settlers in America had been victimized by tyrannical governments with no respect and little concern for the people or their rights, much less their property. Our founding fathers were determined that this would not be true in the United States.

Randy Knight appeared on WLBT's Sound Off segment promoting Initiative 31

Testimony from several of the Eminent Domain Hearings including David Waide, Past President of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation explaining why it's important to vote YES on Initiative 31.
Mr. Lonzo Archie fought the eminent domain taking of his land when Nissan built their plant in Canton in 2001. His experience proves that private property rights and economic development can exist together.


Those principles are just as important today as they were over two hundred years ago, but liberty requires constant and diligent attention for its preservation in the face of governments and businesses much bigger and more powerful than anyone could have dreamed of in the 18th century.

Government entities and certain other entities have the right to take private property for public use subject to the obligation to pay the owners just compensation. In a much more complex world, this power has grown to an unacceptable extent which threatens fundamental rights of private property owners.

Abuses of power must be checked and reforms to prevent them should be enacted. This website is about the need for eminent domain reform badly needed in Mississippi to keep our government one of, by and for the people. Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation (“MFBF”) is supporting a campaign to prevent eminent domain abuse and the protection of private property throughout the state. This process is described in the pages shown on this website.

Please visit the pages and links on this website to learn how you can be a part of this historic and important effort to preserve and protect fundamental principles of liberty.

Here are two perfect examples of the reason we need Eminent Domain reform: