Namco Bandai launches glyphs teaser site, guarantees excitement
1.24.11 / 17:40 /
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’s just launched a new teaser site for what community manager “guarantees” will excite its fans once it’s solved.

“To start off the week, We’ve created a great puzzle for you to solve that will lead to something I GUARANTEE that you will be excited about,” Bantegui wrote on Namco Bandai’s Facebook page. “The puzzle is hard, but I will be giving out clues and hints to help you along. Stay Tuned for more.”

The site in question can be found here. Currently, all we see are a bunch of glyphs and images, whose meaning we cannot decipher. The title of the page is “:[P”.

Considering Namco Bandai’s fan page is filled with nothing but Tales requests, we’re predicting Namco Bandai is finally fulfilling the fans’ requests. Let’s hope for the best.

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  1. Thumb up 1

    Oh man, I will watch this with all hopes going to a Tales announcement, but it will probably end up being stupid Pac-man DLC or some other crap..

  2. Hopefully this is the announcement of Vesperia PS3, Graces F, or Xillia. Or all three!

  3. Thumb up 4

    If it’s not one of the 3 PS3 Tales games I will
    be greatly disapointed.

  4. Chaos Raiden 01.24.11 (#
    ) 7:23 pm
    Thumb up 0

    Better be all three Tales games on PS3. Will be disappointed if it’s not.

  5. Faize RoughKnightz 01.24.11 (#
    ) 7:25 pm
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    I really hope this is good news for Tales!

  6. Chainermike 01.24.11 (#
    ) 7:39 pm
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    I’m sure there will be mass rage if this ends up being anything other than a Tales announcement, definitely keeping an eye on this tonight just incase he hits 3k followers.

  7. BizarreJelly 01.24.11 (#
    ) 7:45 pm
    Thumb up 1

    I was a bit excited that I might actually be something Tales related, then I saw that they “guarantee” we’ll be excited. A guarantee from the master trolls known as Bamco really isn’t reassuring. Brace for disappointment!

  8. Thumb up 0

    Tales pls!!! I really hope it’s the PS3 ones.

  9. Thumb up 0

    Ah yes, been following this all morning. It’s pretty exciting.
    He’s come out and said he’ll reveal a clue if he can get 3,000 followers today..

    For whatever reason, I’m leaning towards Abyss 3DS, if it’s a Tales game at all. Any Tales game would be pretty great.

  10. Rich just went live with the first clue:

    So at least we know we’re trying to spell something.

  11. Thumb up 0

    His other clue – the first picture in – is a bit less cryptic.. though still not 100% clear..


  12. Thumb up 4

    Oh man. Some people are just phenomenal at this sort of thing. Those over on facebook (in particular, Zack Cantrell) worked it out to be ‘A Tale of Two’

    That helps it lean further towards Graces F… but I won’t get my hopes up until it’s officially announced..

    Still, the suspense is pretty crazy.

    • Thumb up 4

      I am really sorry for triple posting.. but the more I look at that site, the more I swear I can see the F from the ‘Graces F’ logo.. maybe i’m just seeing things?

    • Zack_Cantrell 01.25.11 (#
      ) 2:40 am
      Thumb up 5

      You have no idea how cool it is to find people on other web pages talking about something you found/posted. Well, maybe you do, I don’t know your internet history, but I didn’t before tonight =D, and to think I was a day or two away from importing this xD

      I’m excited about this too, I tweeted this news to Tales union, Sal, and Rich as soon as I figured it out.

      Props to our relatively small fandom for getting what they want, and props to Rich for potentially delivering on his cryptic tweets.

      This is awesome.

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