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Half-height mode.

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Bmem is a memory monitor, cpu usage display, and disk activity light for Windows.

It shows the physical ram used, virtual ram used, CPU power used, and physical hard drive activity.

It combines the memory used by the file system cache with the free memory and color codes them so you can see the proportions. (Green is free RAM, Yellow is disk cache, Red is page file.) After that comes the CPU(s) display and the hard drive activity light.

The topmost screen shot's display indicates 2gig physical RAM, 3gig virtual, dual CPUs, and the hard drive is being accessed.

The source is included in the installer.

It's free software, both in price and freedomness. (Read the license here. It is an unmodified copy of the MIT X Window System license.)

If you're interested in bmem's development, check out my coding blog.


  • Click to download the installer for 2.9.1. The full source code will be (optionally) installed as well. (Posted 2011-11-10)


  • Doubleclick to cycle between full, half, and quarter-sized mode.
  • Shows all 3 flavors of virtual memory, cpu use plus disk activity
  • Hyperthreading/multiprocessor/multicore aware.
  • Only 23k exe! (uncompressed)
  • Very low CPU overhead when running, accurate CPU usage display
  • Simple UI. Grab and move. Can't lose it offscreen. (It snaps to screen edges.)
  • Now with docking! Use the context menu to dock to top, bottom, left or right of screen.
  • Stretchy! Drag either side of the bar to stretch bmem to whatever length you desire.
  • Fully multimonitor-aware.
  • Desktop alpha transparency mode. (optional, on 2k and XP and up)
  • Works on win95, win98, 2k, XP. Compiles on x64, too. Mostly works on Vista/7 but you have to run it as Administrator to get the Disk I/O light to work.
  • Free and open source (full source is included)


  • bmem is written by Brennan Underwood.
  • Many ideas (and testing!) from #nullsoft.
  • Much of the win32 stats code came from Ian Hanschen.
  • Porting to 64-bit-ness by Darren Horrocks.
  • Anders moved the .ini file to the write place.
  • Darkain contributed a one-line patch to improve CPU stat reading.


  • more watchable stats (maybe disk space, or drive activity)
  • ability to choose which stats to watch/what color they are/what order
  • font picking

    When I was writing the virtual HD light code I had a hard time finding the info I needed, so here are some keywords in case someone else is looking for some sample code: ControlTrace, StartTrace, ProcessTrace, EVENT_TRACE_PROPERTIES, kernel logger, SystemTraceControlGuid, KERNEL_LOGGER_NAME
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