What in the world is this all about?

GreenGoose sensors make doing everyday things more playful! They're wireless stickers and stick on anything that moves -- even pets. They're smart and can automatically tell what's happening; a dog gets a walk, a frisbee is caught, or the toilet seat goes down, you name it. It's part of a whole new world of apps in the works that helps us play more and live better.

How does it work?

GreenGoose sensors send what they know wirelessly to a little green egg that attaches to your home WiFi. From there, the fun moves online to your mobile phone or any app on the Internet. No geeky setup, either. Just plug the green egg in, slap a sticker on, download an app to your phone and you're ready to go.

Calling Developers

Use our API and sensors to come up with your own mobile app or amazing invention. We've got more than 100 sensors in the queue! We're always looking to support new ways to change lives for the better. Check out our developer site and let us know how we can be helpful.

Let your mind go wild.


tweets from the goose

  • GreenGoose co-sponsor at Stanford ACM + ThinkOutside hackathon today. Cool stuff. Thanks everyone!

    39 days ago

  • Tish Shute and Reality Architecture with sensors at TEDx; Bringing reality to AR. http://t.co/qyg72eNc

    46 days ago

  • Fun demo late last night with BabyGaga at FB Mobile Hack, sensors and diaper pail.

    46 days ago

  • GreenGoose at Facebook Mobile Hack. Add things you do with wireless sensor stickers, automatically. Look for green sweater guy.

    47 days ago

  • Just announced Early Access program for GreenGoose developers. Woof Woof!

    48 days ago

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