Bat House Construction Project

If you have kids, you probably already know how much they enjoy building things, especially with their mom or dad. Some folks build things out of popsickle sticks, others build bird houses. But what could be cooler than building a bat house?

Bats are greatly misunderstood creatures. They do not feast on human blood nor consort with vampires. They are voracious eaters, however, but their main food source consists of insects, and yes, that includes those pesky mosquitos that do feast on human blood. A single bat will eat its own weight in insects in a single night. So build a bat house and invite a colony of bats into your neighborhood.

Below you will find a simple plan for building a quality bat house which can be completed over a weekend and built with about $30 to $50 of materials. This plan is somewhat general. I've always considered a plan to be a rough guideline, so take the measurements below as such. I've included general dimensions and a lot of photos.



You'll need the following materials for construction:


Hanging the Bat House

DON'T TRY TO HANG THIS THING BY YOURSELF. It is quite heavy, and you will need help. I hung mine using a good sturdy ladder, rope, a pully, and a couple of strong friends. We extended the ladder to about 3 feet above where I wanted it hung, and attached a pully to the top rung of the ladder. After securing the rope to the bat house and feeding it through the pully, my two strong friends pulled up the bat house with the rope and held it in place while I used a couple of 5 inch long lag screws and bolted it to the side of a large oak tree. Choose a place as high up as you feel comfortable working, because bats like their privacy. Below are some photos after we hung it up.