Virtual thieves caught in Habbo Hotel Finland

Wednesday, Jun 2, 2010 / Writer: Juhani Lassila, Director PR & Communications

As we all know, phishing and scamming is a common problem for most internet services around the world. Even though we do our best to keep Habbo Hotel as safe as possible for its users, it is unfortunately also a target for many scammers and hackers. But Habbo users should not worry too much, because by remembering just a few simple safety rules, you should be safe! More about that below.

Yesterday, the Finnish police announced that it is investigating a series of internet crimes that are related to Habbo Hotel and its users in Finland. The police has found out that several suspects have put up e.g. fake Habbo sites to steal other users' user names and passwords, and have used these to steal virtual items. The police also made several house searches yesterday and confiscated many suspects' computers.

Sulake assisted the police in the investigation, and our aim with this is of course to catch the wrongdoers, but also to spread the word that it really is illegal and against our rules to put up scam sites or Habbo retro sites, or in general to even think about doing stuff like this!

Bear in mind these few simple safety tips:

1. Keep your user name and password to yourself: whether it is in Habbo or any other service. Habbo staff never ask for this information, so if you are asked to give this information, you are being scammed!        

2. Be sure where you sign in: There are many unofficial, retro, scam etc. sites that might look like Habbo, but they are not. Never try to sign up to these, unless you want to get robbed!

3. Keep good care of your information security: keep your anti-virus software up-to-date all the time and be careful when downloading files from the internet, they might contain malicious code with keyloggers etc.

4. If you have any issues or questions: Please check Habbo Safety Group pages for more safety information and if necessary contact Habbo Staff via Habbo Help tool of your local site.

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