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    1. Josh Phil Arntz

      Good job man!

    2. Josh

      haha. I do. But I don't think I'm gonna do any of those things. :P

    3. Josh

      Cause I have been super busy, and haven't had the chance to come on here.

    4. Josh Jack Gaynor

      We normally do them, line by line. So I'll read 3 or 4 times while reading it, then say outloud a few more times without reading. And I'll continue till I can say it perfectly. :) Hope that helps.

    5. Josh johnthomas20

      Her name was Jessica Thompson.

    6. Josh Matthew Chua

      No it is not. I think its a random video from youtube.

    7. Josh

      New York City. Its pretty awesome.

    8. Josh johnthomas20


    9. Josh Maciej

      I love it. Stark is a monster.

    10. Josh

      I have seen it, but for kicks and giggles. But I did not see it with a girl.

    11. Josh

      The first episode of Film Riot. haha.

    12. Josh

      I have never played.

    13. Josh

      I do not. I am a single man.

    14. Josh

      Probably college.

    15. Josh Jeffrey Easton

      I don't. I used to. But I stopped using it.

    16. Josh

      9 siblings. And yes she is.

    17. Josh stripes

      I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this abbreviation.

    18. Josh johnthomas20

      I don't remember, I just found it one day.

    19. Josh

      Not really. They are both off doing their own thing.

    20. Josh johnthomas20

      Microsoft. Bill gates is very rich... I wouldn't mind havin that money.

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I act in Film Riot. I love music, I play the drums and the guitar, and I'm a video game aficionado.


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