Traveler’s Show & Tell Carnival – 11/12/2011

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It’s great to be guest-hosting Tui’s Traveler’s Show & Tell carnival again. I hosted it earlier this year when she was on her honeymoon. Be sure to head over to the MentalMosaic blog and subscribe to her feed to catch future editions of the Traveler’s Show & Tell carnival.

There were some great entries in this volume of the Traveler’s Show & Tell – we’ll go from Louisiana & Puerto Rico to Pakistan and the prep it takes to get ready to travel to distant places.

Michael Turtle, at Time Travel Turtle, explores how Hurricane Katrina affected the swamplands of Louisiana with a lovely combination of photos and words in “Rising from the Waters“. Turtle writes:

“When the waters rushed through the area in 2005, there was significant damage. But that damage was nature’s way of cleansing the ecosystem.”

Ändärin over at Byteful Travel: Enlightened Adventure takes us to the Computer Museum in Silicon Valley and highlights the seven must see exhibits. See where this gem falls in the list:

After passing the front desk, I turned the corner and saw shelves and shelves of early computers. And then, at the far end of the room, I saw this unassuming computer behind glass. Even though this unit bares no label, this is an Apple-1.

Kim at Measure of All Things explores how she shares what when very wrong on an amazing trip to the Baltaro Glacier in Pakistan. She writes in “Accident on the Baltaro“:

So, to answer the question I posed above – how does the description of the experience change when there is a tragic accident? I still don’t know the answer and that is after trying many variations on answering the question “how was your trip?”

Fifty States, Five years had a bonus trip to Old San Juan and the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rico as part of her travel plan that takes her to all 50 states and Washington, DC by 2016. She had this bit of advice for exploring the forts in Old San Juan:

Finally, try and go with a friend– I found myself completely alone many times while wandering the castles (especially in El Morro!) and it can be a bit creepy walking into dimly lit tunnels and corridors alone.

Paige, at The Travel Paige talks about what it’s like to combine work and travel and how to plan and prepare for going overseas for a long period of time:

This is my first time in a country where the language is not based on the Roman Alphabet and I am not familiar with the everyday customs. So I have been reading. And reading. And reading.

And finally, my favorite post of this carnival “Roadside Splendor” from MightyHeaton.com. Andrew Heaton explores the many roadside splendors that you can find on Route 66 in Oklahoma, including the Blue Whale of Catoosa:

One of the most iconic stops on Route 66 is Catoosa’s Blue Whale. Catoosa, as you will recall, is the most inland port in the United States. If you look at a map of America, Oklahoma is the medium-sized state in the middle shaped like a pot. It’s nowhere near an ocean. Yet navigable rivers combined with impressive engineering skills link it to the Mississippi via the Verdigris River, and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico.

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