Captain Scott Cassell, President and Founder

Scott Cassell is a commercial diver, and explorer-film maker with over 12,000 hours of dive time. Diving since 1977, Scott is an accomplished cave diver who has spent hundreds of hours deep in the caves of the Yucatan Scott's film and documentary credits include undersea cameraman for nearly 20 documentaries and host/presenter for several documentaries on several networks including Disney, MTV Wildboyz, the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC and the History Channel.

He is a 20+ year veteran of Closed Circuit Rebreather technology and is a USCG Qualified Submersible Pilot/Captain with over 800 dives on the SeaMagine SeaMobile and 400 dives of other hulls. Scott holds the world record for longest distance traveled by a diver (52 miles in 9.5 hours non-stop). He used a diver tow-glider he invented to cover more range for open sea underwater filming. The world record was his way of "testing it" and used the event to raise money for a children’s charity.

Scott taught for years at the College Of Oceaneering and is a former Advanced Diving Medical Technician Instructor (1 of 10 in the USA), Commercial Diving Instructor, Hyperbaric Medical Technician Instructor, and a PADI Instructor. He is one of the few civilians to earn the U.S. Navy Diving Supervisor and Dive Medical Technologist ratings. He worked in Maritime Counter Terrorism Operations where his secret operations involved ‘High Risk’ world regions.

More recently Scott developed a method to attach a camera to a Humboldt squid, which is prey for Giant Squid, and in November of 2006 led an expedition team that made history by being the first to successfully film the Giant Squid in its natural environment. The footage captured showed an estimated 40 foot long Architeuthis dux in predatory behavior.

Gregg Mikolasek, Director

Gregg has more than 25 years of diving and maritime experience. He holds two degrees from  the  University  of  Michigan,  including  a  Masters  in  Atmospheric  and  Oceanic  Science.  A Dive Instructor since 1997, he holds the rating of Master Diver Trainer. His diving experience ranges from recreational to technical and commercial, including commercial videography at technical depths as well as stunt diving. Since 2000, he has been a remote sensing consultant and Project Director, employing sidescan sonar in a number of underwater searches. Gregg is a certified EMT, licensed private pilot, skydiving coach, and holds a 100  GT  US  Coast  Guard  Captain's  License. In  2007, Gregg  visited  Lake  Khövsgöl  on a diving expedition, performed a basic sonar survey of several shipwrecks and later co‐ wrote a television  documentary  about the region,  focusing on its preservation.

John Sanderson, VP & Director

After his life long dream of being an astronaut was sidelined due to ear problems, John Sanderson turned his energy and passion for cutting edge technology into a distinguished 27 year career in the Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Technician, prototype instructor for operational reactors and a Limited Duty Officer. His specialty was submarine nuclear repair and he was eventually transferred to the aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan as the Reactor Maintenance Officer. He began his civilian career designing underwater LED lights and camera systems for DeepSea Power and Light.

John has joined Scott on the UVP team in order to share his life long love of technology and to help inspire a new generation of children to pursue careers in Science.

Kerry Franciscovich, Acting Executive Director

Kerry attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where she received a Bachelor of Science degree.  She held a substitute Teaching Credential until moving on to Adult Education where she is credentialed in 9 subjects. She was a licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker for several years.  She is the mother of three children and also works with Scott in his company, Sea Wolves Unlimited LLC.