Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004


Placebo are pleased to announce that on 25 October they will release a collection of their singles-to-date, entitled Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004.

The collection brings together all the singles the band have released over the past eight years from their four albums to date: Placebo, Without You I�m Nothing, Black Market Music and Sleeping With Ghosts. As a treat to fans it also features Prot�ge Moi, previously only available in France, and two new songs, I Do and forthcoming single Twenty Years.

Placebo are one of the UK�s most successful bands of the last 10 years, having sold one million albums in the UK and 5 million albums worldwide, with 1.4 million of those sales being from last year�s Sleeping With Ghosts, which went Top 10 in 20 countries (including the UK). This success culminated last year with the band performing a duet on Pixies� Where Is My Mind with Frank Black in front of an audience of 18,000

screaming French kids, which was captured for posterity on the DVD, Soulmates Never Die, which went on to sell 200,000 copies worldwide, the biggest selling Virgin DVD ever. On top of all that, last month after debuting at no.2 and hovering around the upper echelons of the French chart for 16 months, Sleeping With Ghosts in one week climbed 51 places, from no.52 to no.1.

The new songs to be featured on Once More With Feeling, I Do and Twenty Years show a further maturity and growth in the band�s songwriting abilities. I Do, influenced by Neu! and Laurie Anderson, is Placebos� first unashamed love song. �We�ve been threatening to do it for years and we�ve finally done it�, says Brian. The second, Twenty Years, is more in keeping with the bands� existential angst. According to Brian, it�s �pure epic melancholy, a meditation on the passing of time and mortality�.but it�s not miserable!�

Once More With Feeling will be released on 25 October. It will be available on CD (CDFLOOR23) and DVD (DVDFLOOR23). The DVD will feature previously unseen footage and include a recent interview with the band filmed specifically to mark the occasion of the album�s release. It will be preceded on 18 October by the single Twenty Years.

The band play Reading and Leeds Festival, on 29th and 27th August respectively, and their last UK show till 2006 at Wembley Arena on 5th November. Tickets for the Wembley show are priced at �20.00 and available from Wembley Arena (0870 060 0870), See (0207 403 3331), Stargreen (0207 734 8932) and

Once More With Feeling: Singles, 1996 � 2004
36 Degrees
Teenage Angst
Nancy Boy
Bruise Pristine
Pure Morning
You Don�t Care About Us
Every You Every Me
Without You I�m Nothing (featuring David Bowie)
Taste In Men
Slave To The Wage
Special K
The Bitter End
This Picture
Special Needs
English Summer Rain
Prot�ge Moi
I Do
Twenty Years