FAREWELL MARINE The combat boots are empty and finally they're still, They're set carefully at attention, they've marhed up their last hill. The rifle, too, is silent now and unwaveringly erected, Holding up the well-worn helmet of the Marine it once protected.
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We have been overwhelmingly humbled and taken by surprise at the
number of responses we have been receiving for Farewell Marine. We have
made every effort to keep up with replies back, but due to the tremendous
volume of email we have been receiving daily, we are unable to respond to
every one. We are so grateful for the enormous outpouring of support. We
have, and we will continue to read each and every email that is so
generously sent, and if permission to use our material is requested, we will
do our best to respond as soon as possible. We are filled with pride in our
citizens of this great nation we live in. Because of the sacrifices of so many
of our viewers and their family members, we in America enjoy the
freedoms most people dare only dream of. We are also grateful each day
that our own sons are well and serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Semper Fidelis,
Sandra (James) Gilcher and Julie (Sharp) Worden, Proud Mothers of United States Marines

Julie (Sharp) Worden is also creator of Yellow Ribbon Greetings.



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