Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pardus Kurumsal 2

Yesterday, I did something that I always do. I checked DistroWatch for the latest news. Something interesting was listed there. Apparently, Pardus has a "Corporate" edition. This isn't a paid release or anything. It's another version of Pardus that uses only trusted components. I was rather interested. I have long been a Slackware fan due to the amount of control I have over my system, but also due to a want for trusted, stable packages. While this release of Pardus isn't as stable as say Debian-stable, it is interesting in the fact that it includes the best desktop environment of all time: KDE3.

The first thing that I noticed was that the installer was slightly different. The visuals are different, and the text that accompanies the installer is slightly different. Overall though, it is the same, highly polished, insanely easy to use Pardus installer. On boot, I was immediately pleased. Pardus Kurumsal includes a very standard KDE3 setup. If you want a bit nostalgia, pisi search kdeartwork will yield all of the icons, window borders, styles, and backgrounds. Notably missing, both from the install and the package repository, was KOffice.

In the non-KDE realm, Pardus includes: Firefox 3, Evolution, Thunderbird, The Gimp, LibreOffice, Mplayer. It also includes several Pardus specific packages. The logical volume manager, while spartan, is sufficient for most tasks. The boot loader manager was a surprising add as well, and was more than sufficient for adding, removing, and modifying most entries. The firewall manager, and the service manager are great, but are not quite n00b friendly. You would still need a good knowledge of what you are doing for those. This isn't so much a complaint as it is an advisory. Tasma (the Pardus configuration center) is a slight improvement on the older KDE Configuration Center. Mainly, more things are located there. The left hand navigation pane is also a little easier to work through (well slightly more organized anyway).

In the end, Pardus Kurumsal will not replace Slackware as my go to distribution for servers or workstations, but for my personal desktop use, I think I will keep it around. If you would like to check it out, x86 and AMD64 versions of Kurumsal 2 are available from


Charles said...

Which image did you download?

The latest one is "Pardus-Kurumsal-2-x86_64.iso" but it isn't labeled "Corporate" like the others, even though it is in the Corporate directory.

l繹ker said...

You can find a contrib repository of Linux Users Society of Turkey at (no english content)

or you may enter the command

sudo pisi ar LKD-Contrib -y

If you prefer using 64bit

sudo pisi ar LKD-Contrib -y

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