Transitioning From The Area Project!

Michigan Coordinating Council 

November 23, 2011

 Michael Melinn, Chairman of the Transitional Board – Michigan Coordinating Council

At the November 4, 2011 initial Interim Board Meeting of the Michigan Coordinating Council, Al Lambert, Central Region Director shared his vision and commitment to appoint the majority of key leadership roles in the Michigan Coordinating Council prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Identifying the leadership team is critical to insuring our success in the task of empowering the “heart” of our initiative, i.e. the creation of the new Field Service Councils (FSC).   The Field Service Councils are the basis of the new model of providing exponential programs for our youth and service to our Chartered Organizations.  To view a boundary map of the new Field Service Councils, please click on the menu tab BOUNDARIES.

Significant organizational change always creates uncertainty in staff and in the case of the Boy Scouts, our volunteers.  In an endeavor to provide information to the status of our Scout Executives, we are posting updates as we transition from the Area Project Crossroads Recommendation in to the new organization.  At the start of the Area 2 Project, Al Lambert made a key commitment related to the Scout Executives participating in the Project, which would not result in a detrimental impact to their professional careers.  A volunteer committee comprised of myself, Rich Wells, Thom Linn and Regional President, Steve King was created to review the recommendations of Al Lambert and John Reesor to fill key leadership positions of the Michigan Coordinated Council.  

The objective of the volunteer committee, was to ask questions, act as a sounding board and be a partner to ensure we have the most exceptional people in each of the critical roles.  The committee also affirmed that our Scout Executive, John Reesor needs the flexibility to lead the process of identifying the new team, which he is ultimately responsible for leading and managing.  For organizational announcements, please click on the menu tab APPOINTMENTS. 

The Committee Expectations and Charges for the Michigan Coodination Council Transition Board can be found on the menu tab EXPECTATIONS.