Selected X-Files Fanfic 

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Anything rated NC-17 is off limits to anyone under age


Deja Vu 01 -      Ariadne 23k
Deja Vu 02 -     Atalanta 27k
Deja Vu 03 -       Hermes 32k
Deja Vu 04 -       Psyche 15k
Deja Vu 05 -         Icarus 18k
 Deja Vu 06 -    Odysseus 18k
Dana Scully meets Fox Mulder at a party and chemistry
ensues. But some funny things keep happening...things that
give them the strangest sense of deja vu.


24 hours a day
A third party listens in on a cleansing of souls.
PG-13 13k

I left you unanswered

Mulder makes the wrong choice between living in fear
and living a lie.

R  24k

A Dream Deferred 1/?
What *could* have happened when Mulder woke up at the end of
Triangle? It's not what you think...
R 25k


What did Mulder see in Scully's mind when
she came home from Africa?

R 4k

Lucky Stiff

A third party listens in on a revealing conversation.
PG-13 13k

Mulder Being Stupid, or, The Cabana
Boy in Scully's Closet 1/?
Sometimes, Mulder is a real genuis. When it comesto Scully, however...
NC-17 15k

Neighborhood Watch
A lonely woman ponders the strange things going on next door.
R 19 k

No Man's Land
A young soldier makes a discovery about the nature of human contact when she spies on Mulder and Scully.
NC-17 12k

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
Close encounters in small, dark spaces cause Scully's
wardrobe to dwindle.

NC-17 12k
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi II
NC-17 14k

Thank You
When lines of communication break down, Mulder's frustration reaches the breaking point and he does something drastic.
NC-17 22k

Three forms of nonverbal communication

Mulder and Scully spend New Year's Eve together and work
on their nonverbal communication skills.
NC-17 19k

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