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Hi. Welcome to Deep Underground. It's called this because I'm a complete unknown, and if you made your way here then you're deep underground in the X-Files fanfic community. If you'll note, I haven't written anything in quite a while. I've been working on new stories in an excruciatingly slow manner. Of course, nothing gets me more motivated than feedback. *hint*hint* Also, e-mail me if you would be interested in being a beta for me. Thanks.


Title: Caged
Size: 5 KB
Spoilers: Existence
Category: Vignette/Angst
Completed: 8/29/01
Summary: Scully deals with the fact that Mulder is once again out of the picture.


Title: Denial
Size: 2 KB
Category: Angst/Character Death
Completed: 4/27/01
Summary: The lines between fiction and the truth are blurred.


Title: Diana
Size: 4 KB
Spoilers: The End
Completed: 5/6/01
Summary: a look into Diana Fowley


Title: Eternity
Size: 12 KB
Category: Story/Angst/Romance (MSR) Character death
Spoilers: Tithonus, Existence
Completed: 5/29/01
Summary: Scully never ages, but the world around her does. Now that she is a mother and a wife, the curse of immortality becomes quite clear.


Title: Everything's Changed
Size: 8 KB
Category: Vignette/Romance (MSR)
Spoilers: Existence
Completed: 8/25/01
Summary: Post Episode: Mulder and Scully wonder what the future holds.


Title: Janus
Size: 3 KB
Category: Vignette (That's all I'm giving you.)
Completed: 4/12/01
Summary: An ironic tale of obsession.

    Much to my surprise and delight, "Janus" has been nominated for Best Mulder Characterization.



Title: The Other Woman
Size: 7 KB
Category: Angst/Romance
Completed: 8/20/01
Summary: "I love him so much. I love him with all my heart, but he could never say the same to me. I'm not the only one he loves."


Title: Stolen Light
Size: 4 KB
Category: Angst/Mulder Scully UST/Character Death
Spoilers: Tithonus
Completed: 3/27/01
Summary: A decision is made that will both save and shatter a life.






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Disclaimer: The FOX Network and Ten Thirteen own The X-Files and all its characters. I assure you that I am not making a dime off of this site.

The writing itself, on the other hand, belongs to Leonora O'Reilly. If you'd like to archive one of these works, just ask. I'm happy to comply.