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L.J Ware presents:


The story is about a boy called David. When he found a book about the Eling, he couldn't get it out of his mind. Many people talk about the Eling, but don't know what it is. The young boy, David, will change this.
But what about this strange world he's gotten into? Who'll tell him what's going on? There are so many questions... Maybe you can answer them.


Eling is a platform game with 4 worlds and 17 stages. You can find money for special items. Each item will change your hair colour for special ability's. You can buy the items in the main menu. You got Adventure Mode, Shop Mode and Extra Mode.

Items and hair colours:

Your life points will be restored.
-Superstar (Yellow hair)
All the enemies won't hurt you for 20 seconds.
-Ultrastar (Gold hair)
All the enemies won't hurt you for 60 seconds.
-Far Jump (Purple hair)
You can jump further for one stage.
-Anti Fire (Red hair)
You are fire protected for one stage.

Your hair will be black in normal state and your hair will be blue when you complete the game.

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This looks like a lot of fun!

However, I see your fonts are squished. You should fix them. :(

I look forward to playing this.
The trailer says "Coming Soon" but you can already download the full version of Eling.
The last time I'd played I had trouble with movement, but I think that was a previous version. I'll check it out.
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