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The next big wait project emerges: Man-Thing by Gerber and Nowlan

In last week’s Axel-In-Charge Q&A right here at CBR, Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso ended the weekly exchange with a loose-lipped hint that a long-delayed Man-Thing project is lumbering its way toward comics shelves. “All I can say,” said Alonso, “is we do have a Man-Thing project coming out soon that is older than some of Marvel’s assistant editors and well worth the wait.”

Well lucky for you, I know what he’s talking about.

A Man-Thing graphic novel by writer Steve Gerber and artist Kevin Nowlan. Initially started and announced in the 80s, it reportedly fell by the wayside while sitting on Nowlan’s drawing board. The original title was “Screenplay of the Living Dead Man”, intended to be a follow-up from the story “Song-Cry of the Living Dead Man” published in Man-Thing #12 way back when. It wasn’t until Gerber’s passing in 2008 that Nowlan refocused his energies and began working on the project again in his spare time. Back in March, Nowlan told me that it’ll end up being a 62-page painted story, and I even confirmed with Marvel that they’re going to publish it once Nowlan completes it.

With New Teen Titans: Games coming out this week and this other long-awaited release finally coming out, what other great stories might be lurking out there waiting to be finished?


Totally getting this. Love Gerber’s work on Man-Thing.

when is it going to be out? and how much?

Can Firestorm: Corona be in the offing next?

(Story: DC announced this graphic novel long, long ago. It was supposed to explore the relationship between Firestorm and Firehawk. I was stoked. I asked my grandfather to get it for me as a birthday gift. A year later, I asked him to pay for several standard comics instead. I was bummed.)

Wow, I remember that Man-Thing GN getting solicited way back in like 1989/1990. I always wondered what happened to it…

Firestorm: Corona would be awesome to finally see. Pat Broderick was also supposed to be working on a Captain Atom GN at some point that got scrapped, but not until it was written and partially drawn, IIRC.

I’d also like to see:

Mike Grell’s Swamp Angel- Grell supposedly finished several pages of it and DC announced it for their 1990 schedule. I read in a recent interview with him that he has slowly but surely been working on it over the years since.

Swamp Thing: Deja Vu- written by Len Wein and partially illustrated by Berni Wrightson, the project got dropped when Wrightson got bored and stopped drawing. I’d like to see him get back to it…

Big Numbers from Alan Moore- too much to ask for at this point?

Miracleman #25 and beyond- Gaiman says he’s willing to finish the project and I believe Mark Buckingham is on board as well. Now if only Marvel could finally untangle the whole legal mess surrounding the character…

Blue Monday: Thieves Like Us and Strangetown- I’m not sure about the delays behind either of these projects from Chynna Clugston, but both disappeared after one issue. I’m anxious to read the rest of these stories, and I’ve heard that Clugston has more prepared for publication than what we’ve seen so far…

Best comics-related news of the year.

WHAT?! Ridiculous. They’re going to try to compete with Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing? Its pretty much the same character. Alright Marvel, its on!

That’s a joke, right, Bullshizzle?

Punisher: Rules of the Game GN by Jim Lee, at last? Okay, maybe not…



After Claremont’s X-Men and New Mutants Forever, and Louise Simonson X-Factor Forever, picking up where they where forced to resign 20 years ago, THIS IS A NO BRAINER.

Kevin finished the art in June.

cool for hoping some how this man thing project would rise after all if titans games can see print finaly. maybe the door is open and who knows maybe mircle man 25 will be annouced some day finaly . plus would love big numbers to be resurected but do not see that happening. or better dc finaly lets swamp thing 88 see print the issue where he meets jesus

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