Get Undocked!

Get Undocked and enjoy the full power of your favorite project management tool from any mobile device! Free trial and nothing to install...get Undocked today!

Any Mobile Device...

Undock is designed to work with any mobile device, including the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile 7 phones. Lightweight and lightning fast, Undock allows you to manage all of your tasks and projects wherever you are.

Gemini, Basecamp, More...

Are you a consultant who needs to use Gemini, Basecamp, Bugzilla and Jira for your different clients? Access and use them all directly in Undock seamlessly without having to log into multiple sites.

3 Minute Setup

With Undock there is nothing to install and nothing to change in your Project Management application. Watch our 2-minute video to see how easy it is to set up Undock and Gemini!

See How Undock Works

Watch our 3-minute video to see how easy it is to work with Undock and CounterSoft's Gemini! Other videos are available here