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Temporary announcement : posted Feb 19, 2001

Hi, I'm Jerome Greenfield, author of "Wilhelm Reich vs the U.S.A" which came out under the W.W. Norton some 25 or so years ago. Since then I have obtained additional legal material which was incorporated into a German translation of my book and will soon be incorporated into a new English edition. It will consist of about an extra 100 or so pages, based on legal and government material that was not originally available to me. At present I have SEVERAL LARGE FILE DRAWERES OF ALL THE LEGAL AND ALSO NON-LEGAL MATERIAL THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAD ON REICH. I dare say. it is the most complete file around since, I understand, other people have been at these files since my original research and many of them simply stole documents as they saw fit. I don't want to mention names.. The government, of course, had no duplicates of these stolen documents and probaably doesn't even know they're missing. The reason I mention this is that I'm preparing to sell my material on Reich for $10,000 or the highest bidder. I would appreciate it if you could somehow or other get this information on the internet.

Sincerely,Jerome Greenfield (

The FDA filed a decree for injunction in February 1954 to curtail Reich's work with Orgone energy and the medical use of orgone energy to treat injuries, physical disease and health conditions. Treatments were performed by the use of orgone therapy , orgone accumulators, orgone shooters, medical dorbuster, and orgone blankets. Reich refused to appear in court on the decree motion but did respond in a letter to the Judge regarding the courts unclear jurisdiction of scientific discovery.

The FDA was granted the injunction in March 1954 by Judge Clifford on a default motion. Reich complied with the injuction however later on one of Reich's associates disobeyed the injunction by transporting Orgone Accumulators across state borders. The associate was representing the Reich Foundation while Wilhelm Reich was away on an expedition in Arizona. Reich lost the jury trial and appeals and was sentenced to jail for criminal contempt of court on the grounds of disobeying the injunction.

The FDA never proved its claims concerning WR's discoveries but the courts sanctioned penalties against Reich and the WR Foundation and ordered the distruction of many orgone accumulator devices. The courts further ordered the burning of some of his published material that the courts considered medical device labeling and stated that orgone energy didn't exist. The courts never required any scientific evidence and the FDA never provided scientific evidence to prove that orgone energy didn't exist nor that the orgone accumulator didn't function as described by Wilhelm Reich. The injunction only applied to WR and his Foundation and the courts clearly stated that they did not prevent others from using or making orgone devices. There has been no legal action by the courts against Reich's work since this trial.

1930s-1950s- USA

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