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Dear Gentlemen - and ladies! - thank you for your visit to the web site, the site dedicated to Russian women, or I'd rather say, devoted to Russian women :)

There's been a lot of discussion about Russian women on the Internet, and other media, within the past years. As the result, the term "Russian Women" became a fancy and weird fusion of some valid information, some half-truth, rumors, dispute, guesswork, guesstimate and divination, misleadings and deliberate lies.

This is why we - one real Russian Woman and her Russian Man - re-create from the scratch this site about Russian women. After ten years in "Dating Russian women" business (no longer involved), and seventeen years of successful marriage (and lasting), living all our life in Russia (plus Belarus and Ukraine), - we have a lot of firsthand information to share with you ;) We will try to tell you about what Russian women really are and what they are not; about their achievements in sports, business, art, literature and politics, in Russian and world history, and even wars; we will show you beautiful Russian Women photos and we will tell you about "ordinary" Russian women living out there with their views and customs, hobbies and interest, and Russian Sense of Humor as well as show you Russian pictures of places where Russian women born, grow and live.

At this "home" page we will provide you with a brief summary of the "Russian women phenomenon" study; we'll elaborate it further at other pages: how to write letters to Russian Women or how to deal with Russians and much more. You're very welcome to join us in that exploration. Shall we?

It is no use to distinguish Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women as they themselves (most of them) do not feel a lot of difference from each other. Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians have all very similar origin and social background, ways of life and traditions, since they were the same country not so long ago (USSR aka SU, Soviet Union; later - CIS, "Commonwealth of Independent States").

It's these traditions and upbringing that make a Russian woman so different from European or American or any other country's one. Russian fairy tales are the huge part of these traditions. They depict a main protagonist (or heroine) not only to be a kind-hearted, hard-working and beautiful woman who is like Cinderella granted for her moral virtues with the prince and the fortune. Russian fairy tale heroine is a strong partner that supports and often saves the life of the prince. Russian fairy tales encourage patient, courageous, wise, inventive characters that show sacrificial love, lack of materialism, keep faith, have respect to the seniors, have compassion to the weak person and care for animals. Russian girl from fairy tales is loyal, wise, knowing, brave, compassionate, self-giving, shows unquestionable love. She possesses the secret bonds to nature and she's protected by Supreme Energy.

Russian classical literature and Russian cinema has similar characters. Russian woman is described in novels as feminine, intelligent, sacrificing, yet strong and courageous heroine having heart of hearts, inborn integrity, justice and stamina. Russian women are shown in Russian literature as vulnerable and submissive, but also flavored with stubbornness and irrational sometimes and able to show patience that permits ultimate survival in most harsh circumstances.

A unique character of Russian women is also influenced by the Orthodox Christian traditions and values like mercy, generosity, self-neglect. Even though a great many of Russian women are not true believers, they demonstrate the internal need for agape and charity molded by cultural background and the society.

Most Russian women take it for granted to combine their own career with taking care of family and the household. Most Russian clerks, teachers, doctors, accountants, as well as lawyers, designers, travel or real estate agents are educated women, working full day, yet they rarely hire baby sitters or housemaids to help around. If a couple gets a divorce and the family splits, it is almost always a Russian woman who takes full care of children. Russian women mainly cook at home, be it a regular supper, a quick lunch for a school child or a 2-meal snack for a husband leaving for work. Take away meals are not mass popular and expensive and premade food is considered low quality and unhealthy. Thus Russian cuisine and eating habits mainly include cooking at home and using fresh products.

This is quite habitual due to financial reasons and mentality when grown up children keep on living with their parents in the same apartment or house even after they get married and have own children. Most Russian women help raise their grandchildren and support new family of their own children financially.

Not only fairy tales, religion and literature characters inspire today's Russian women. To a greater extent it's life and heroic deeds of our great ancestors - real women that survived revolution, collectivization, industrialization, emigration, World War II and tough after war times and famine - to teach our compatriots what a Russian woman should be. We intend to write about these heroic women that were soldiers, partisans, pilots, doctor - those who contribute to the portrait of a Great Russian woman and reveal her mission.

The legendary pages of Russian history from the ancient times to the modern period present extraordinary characters of famous Russian women - rulers and political leaders. The "Enlightened despot" Catherine the Great is still a target of criticism and admiration, yet one of the most important leaders of the Russian Empire, whose achievements played a key role in political and cultural development of Russia.

Russian women scientists, such as Sofia Kovalevskaia, astronauts (Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Savitskaya, Elena Kondakova), are known throughout the world.

Russian women - movie stars, musicians, Russian ballet dancers, athletes and writers greatly contributed to the list of achievements of their country. Many of them are world famous.

Collapse of the Soviet Union and the hard 90-th was a tough survival test for a Russian woman. The women got no help from the government, no loans, no possibility to apply their professional skills and knowledge, no job market, - yet they managed to resist and showed enterprise, efficiency, and ability to work hard, which let their families get over the hard times. Having passed this test with dignity, contemporary Russian women take future with hope and optimism despite the world financial crisis.

We don't aim to idealize a Russian woman though, thus we would be posting information about disturbing tendencies and dangerous practices a foreigner can come across looking for a Russian bride as well as notorious stereotypes about Russian women.

Ten years of experience in the international dating business provide us with in-depth knowledge of common problems western men and Russian women may face when they start their relationship, international and interracial marriages; about dishonest methods and scamming strategies online dating services may use.

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. The author provides no warranty about the content or accuracy of content enclosed.

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