Michelle and Dave Juliano

We are Dave and Michelle Juliano. Dave has been a researcher in this field for over 25 years and he created the very first paranormal website on the internet back in 1994, The Shadowlands. He is also the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research which has been helping people with problem hauntings since 1955. He is the author of “Positive Energy for Haunted Homes”, “Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes” and “Armor of God”. Feel free to visit the Dave’s bio page, The Shadowlands, Ghost Hunting 101 and SJGR’s websites as well for lots of great info on ghost hunting. Michelle delves into the metaphysical side of the spirit world working with crystals and energy.

We became an LLC company so we could gain access to even deeper discounted products from wholesalers in the USA and abroad and pass that savings onto you.

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Our contact info is:
16 Church St
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

About The GhostHunter Store in Mount Holly, NJ

Visit our store front in Mill Race Village in Haunted Mt Holly, NJ. It is just a few blocks away from the Burlington County Prison Museum which was featured on Ghost Hunters and that Dave investigated for the first time in 1999. Dave also got his first full body apparition photos there in 2008. There are many other haunted buildings around us here and there is even a ghost walk every Friday the 13th which is based on many of Dave and SJGRs investigations.

We’ll be selling all our products and ghost hunting equipment plus paranormal novelties as well as holding classes on a variety of topics like Ghost Hunting 101™, Ghost Hunting 102, Psychic Protection, Reiki training, A Preternatural Primer and others from guest presenters.

We hope you will stop in a visit us when you are in the area.


Dave, Michelle, Marti, Jess, Madeline and Nicole