Top Ten Babes in Games
Babes, babes, and more babes.
By Bryan "Sir Crossforge" Johnson | May 4, 2003

Let's face it, in the world of entertainment two things sell: sex and violence. Some out there will try to push both. So why should video games be any different? After all, guys dominate most of the video-game market. If there are two things to get a guy's attention, it's blowing things up and babes. (No, that's meant to be a pun, keep your minds out of the gutter will ya?) The babe factor hasn't always worked; sometimes it sells a game, sometimes it backfires. Still, in an era of pretty explosions, new and improved flying corpses, and *ahem* rounder polygons, its only natural that most companies will try to outdo each other in the world of sex, guns, and developer's code.

So, with that mind, from the subtle to the shamelessly flaunting it, GameSpy gives you the "Top Ten Sexiest Babes in Games."

10. Samus Aran - Metroid

The body underneath the power armor in Metroid.
Before 3D accelerator cards, even before 16 bit-graphics, there was Samus, Metroid's leading lady, and quite a babe underneath that power armor. Brainchild of Gunpei Yokoi, Metroid became a hit in Nintendo's lineup, and created a franchise that continues to this very day. Back during her first adventure, her identity was kept a secret. In fact, the original manual referred to her as "he."

Though some of the artwork hinted at her sex (the narrow waist, the "extra" upper torso padding, etc.), many were still shocked that he was actually a she once she got out of that armor. Her swimsuit ending would follow her throughout the series, in a move that was pretty risqué for Nintendo, and earns her a spot on our list. As one reader at ClassicGaming once put it, "Was there any other reason to beat Metroid with the fastest possible time?"

9. Firiona Vie - EverQuest

Elves are hot.
Back when PC graphics were about as alluring as Mario dancing in his underwear, RPG makers concentrated less on graphics and pushed such things as cool spells, cool weapons, dwarves, ugly monsters, hours of gameplay, ancient ruin exploration, etc. When it came to sex, most were content to grab a fantasy artist such as Boris Vollejo, slap some sexy art on the box, and call it a day.

Though times have changed, our next entry on the list continues the tradition of sexy RPG covers. Thanks to Keith Parkinson's talent with a brush, Firiona Vie wins the sexy elf slot. Even those who haven't played EverQuest are familiar with this blonde pointy-eared beauty, as she's graced the cover of just about every EverQuest game made. With elven features and scant attire, this gal's had more covergirl time then most centerfolds get in their entire career.

8. Blaze - Streets of Rage series

The middle one is Blaze if you couldn't figure it out.
During the late 80's to mid 90's, side-scrolling beat-'em- ups were one of the most popular genes in arcades. Gaming giants, such as Capcom and Sega, were famous for cranking out quite a few of these. Capitalizing on their success with Streets of Rage, Sega went on to create the sequel Streets of Rage 2. It quickly became hailed as one of the best side-scrolling beat-'em-ups ever to grace the arcades and the Genesis system. Not only that, but we got to see what Blaze looked like without her jacket.

Four out of five bad-dudes agree, Blaze quickly became one the sexiest gal's ever to break a guys nose. Sadly, for some unexplainable reason, the good 'ol fashioned brawlers have seen better days. Though Blaze was a hit with beat-'em-up fans, her popularity has waned away with the popularity of such games. Perhaps one day bar stools and broken bottles will once again fly, and the genre will rise from the ashes of its former self. In the meantime, Blaze can take comfort in knowing that she's left an impact in games, even if that impact was sometimes a painful one.

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