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Gundersen: If in Oregon, Wash., Calif. you need to demand officials test how Fukushima fallout has affected rivers and fish — Significant radiation hit west coast and settled in on Cascades (VIDEO)

The Impact of the Fukushima Radiation on the Ocean, EcoReview, Community Television of Santa Cruz County, Dec. 7, 2011:

Interview with Arnold Gundersen, Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Associates, Inc; Nuclear Engineering, Safety, and Reliability Expert; Federal and Congressional hearing testimony and Expert Witness testimony; Former Senior Vice President Nuclear Licensee; Former Licensed Reactor Operator; 39-years of nuclear industry experience and oversight

At 53:35 in

I think if you’re on the west coast and the Cascades you need to demand more of your — you know Oregon, Washington State, California — of your local officials, or of the federal government, to look into what’s in the fish.

Not just the saltwater fish [...] but also what’s rained out on the land and is now in the local rivers.

At 55:10 in

It was a wave… significant radiation hit the west coast and sort of settled in on the Cascades.

h/t Anonymous tip

Quickly and easily contact your congressman here

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101 comments to Gundersen: If in Oregon, Wash., Calif. you need to demand officials test how Fukushima fallout has affected rivers and fish — Significant radiation hit west coast and settled in on Cascades (VIDEO)

  • Translation: Don’t even try to do anything by yourselves you dumb sheep, remember, you need the “officials”. We’re the responsible ones, the experts, not you, so shut up, pay us taxes, and eat your isotopes!

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  • Mack Mack

    This is just one of a million reasons why California Enenewsers need to get involved in the California ballot initiative to close San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants.

    It’s not hard work; you just get signatures from friends, family, etc.

    The full instructions and petition can be downloaded here:

    From the website:

    [quote] “You can make a difference.

    ■Click here to download the Initiative Petition Form and Instructions. Do this today. Time is of the essence.

    ■We need volunteers who are eligible to vote in California to help collect 504,760 voter signatures by April 1, 2012. Or you can sign a petition for just yourself, or friends and family.

    ■If you just get seven valid signatures and ask those seven people to get seven, and so forth, we will have all the required signatures within a few weeks! If you would like to complete more petitions, that would be of incredible help, too.

    ■Educate yourself and others on the reasons to support the California Nuclear Initiative.

    Register to vote.

    ■You cannot sign a petition unless you are registered to vote in California.

    ■Encourage your California friends to register to vote.

    Other things you can do.

    ■Share this site with your friends and family in California and ask them to help.

    ■Complete the Contact Form and we’ll keep you informed of upcoming events and other information. We will not share your information with other organizations.

    Take back the power.

    ■California citizens have a rare opportunity to decide their own fate.

    ■This is a grass roots all volunteer campaign.

    ■Let’s show the country that the 99% in California can take back the power. Be part of the solution.” [end quote]

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    checkitout_kitegendotcom YOU are so right.
    Sheeple…that’s us!

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    • Got off the hell bound train 45 years ago, damm !, now the whole earth is headed in the same dirrection, … HELL !

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      • dharmasyd

        I got off it that long ago, late 1950s. Worked at protest for years. Was very active. Worked for Sane/Freeze and the MOBE in the 80s. Hosted the 40th Anniversary Hibakusha Tour in 1985.

        And what happened? Just like today, those in positions of authority (like Obama) paid and pay no attention. Occupy Wall Street? Crush it like a bug. Protest the Iraq war with what a NYT reporter called the Second Super Power (based on the huge numbers of anti-war protesters in the streets in 2003), and what good did it do? Shock and Awe in Iraq, mass murder, war crimes.

        I was standing 8 feet from S. Brian Willson when the US Navy weapons train deliberately ran over him on Sept 1, 1987. What did it accomplish? A revered hero with no legs, but no end to the wars in Central America or wherever else the Empire decides to strike.

        I commend you for continuing to try, to work for all the actions to change things. You are all stronger than I am. I can do no more, or very little more. I have made my peace with being unable to change the ignorant non-adaptive, evolution defying extinction of the species. Sorry to have to say this. I am just burning in pain. I am in hell. I can do no more.

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        • dharmasyd, I hear you, yes the momentum is on their side, all evil things crush them that have thought of better ways, Hello my friend’s, do what you can, someone is watching even in the last days of victory that someone still stood with the knowledge of truth and not lies that profits sell !

          Awaking to truths spread the globe as waves of people see within the darkness of paths laid out by them in charge !
          Be not asleep or numb to what is, make noise to be heard by death ears longing for answers !

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  • Everyone on the west coast take this to your city counsel members. Hurrah! to all investigators, scientists and Santa Cruz! no time to watch now. i imagine all have emphasized that there is no end to this rad jet stream mess yet … yes?

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  • beamofthewave

    I already asked our House Rep about it and he said not to worry it will take 3 years to get here in Oregon, he is Kurt Schrader and an ignorant ass if there ever was one.

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    • dharmasyd

      Yes! He is an ignorant ASS!

      And did you hear what Senator James Imhofe (R-Okla) said to the climate deniers about the conclusion of the Durban Climate Summit?

      I wrote it down, but I can’t find it, so I paraphrase:

      ~I bring you the Good News today of the Complete Collapse of the Climate Warming program…~

      Being a climate change denier, he’s exhuberant. I called his Wash DC office and congratulated him and said I’d call back when the next weather devastation hits Oklahoma…where the fires or floods or mega-tornadoes run tragically through the lands.

      I’m feeling cruel.

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Jay Carney WH Chief of Staff:
    Despite Evidence, Says Economists Didn’t Know How Bad The Recession Would Get
    We have got to call the Obama WH out on this NOW!!

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  • ion jean ion jean

    It’s really concerning Arnie now, the river thing cause we fish alot up here.

    Just came across a fact known only to the military as earLy as 1949…fish will concentrate isotopes up to 100,000x What’s in the surrounding water. Oppenheimer got quite concerned about the Columbia River.

    They alSo knew that the top 100 ft. Of the oceans are now contaminated “indefinitely” with strontium, cesium, plutonium, all the daughters of the nuclear age…imagine how quantities are showing up now and TEPCO will surely say it is now the property of the whales and dolphins who suffer alot of abuse under some dark souls in that country…

    And many bright and shining souls of grace and beauty dwell there as well, especially women and children

    We must fight for their rights along with ours but i’m afraid Arnie’s suggestion will be met with much stonewalling in good US/Japan GE/Hitachi fcking satanic lying death-machine-military fashion

    This was before 311.

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  • Stephengn

    Both State and federal EPAs – currently out to lunch on this or actively covering it up

    If you live in California PLEASE fill this environmental complaint form out and have everyone you know do the same regarding testing in the Cascades.

    If you live in Oregon PLEASE fill this environmental complaint form out and have everyone you know do the same regarding testing in the Cascades.

    If you live in Washington state PLEASE fill this environmental complaint form out and have everyone you know do the same regarding testing in the Cascades.

    The ONLY way to get past this government blockage of the truth (a government that was once of, by and for THE PEOPLE) is to try to reach a critical mass and make them know that more than a few of us know.

    The alternative is the continued ignorance of the general population and increases both infertility and birth defects from “unknown causes”

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  • Actually, ‘they’ know the cause of all of these strange deformities and disease increases, which are NOT being monitored, researched or reported…

    According to the official radiation expert medical Dr in Japan; it is all due to lack of enough smiling. He says radiation will not hurt you, IF YOU SMILE.

    Also, according to Ann Colter, disease and death is all due to a LACK of enough radiation in food, water and air.. She said on Faux News that MORE radiation is good for you, and more radiation makes you MORE healthy, with no limits.

    I hope she opens up the Ann Colter health center at Fukushima nuclear power plant, and all those who believe this come on down and drink the basement water, take a bath in it, and worship her in the steam sauna around the melted through nuclear reactors 1-3 or more. They say it is 100% humidity in there, and over 100 degrees. That will get those health seekers sweating..

    PROVE it, is what I say… Put your body where your mouth is. Eat the food from right around the plant. Grow some veggies right there on site, plant fruit trees and eat that. Get some cows and sheep, etc, and have them live there, and then eat the meat, milk and eggs. PROVE what you say is true… then we will see. Smile a lot, and take pictures, as well as videos.

    It is easy to say MORE radiation is safe from thousands of miles away. It is easy to say when you do not have kids at risk. It is easy to claim when you are not pregnant. That changes things quite a bit.

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  • My only question for the medical doctor about smiling is this;

    How do you get babies to smile, or fetuses? How do you get dogs, cats and other critters like cows, horses, chickens and the like to smile all of the time, so that they radiation will not affect them?

    How do you get all of the trees, grass, plants and wild critters to start smiling so that they are not affected by the radiation?

    Anyone have some ideas on this? I am all for positive living.. We just need to get the whole planet smiling, and all our problems will be solved.

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  • pg

    $100 says you will find Plutonium / strontium. Not good. The tests can be conducted on a private level as well. Possibly head out to a river with your vehicle and a 12v pump pushing water through a series of filters. Bring the sediment back and test it. The sediment needs to be concentrated so it can be detected. Doesn’t seem so hard, just burdensome. Get on ebay and by an electric fuel pump (12v), and a serviceable glass filter. Get a new one. Wouldn’t want any gas and oils mixed up in the tests. Holley makes them for around $75. Red, blue and black. They have good uses later after the tests too. Make a good well backup pump (they don’t suck well, they push well). Could always re-list it when your finished too.

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  • or-well

    Local councils ARE the place to start.
    Local media too.
    The smallest elections are the easiest to influence.
    Getting elected (getting power, influence) is what “they” care about.
    BUT :

    Even if testing gets done,what will be the sampling protocol, who will do it, what will be tested for and how properly and thoroughly will the testing be done, how trustworthy will the “official” results be ?

    We’ve seen this all before,recently in Japan and many times with the FDA, the EPA, with all the “regulatory” agencies that are so effectively captured by special interests and part of the revolving door between science, gov’t and industry just as it is in Japan.
    Fiddle the tests,use fake modeling, fudge the results, obfuscate the conclusions,phony the “safety” limits, field an army of media fakirs and snake charming bought-and-paid-for talking heads and “Viola!” as Bugs Bunny would say as he dove down the rabbit hole.
    Nothing short of revolution will stop these fuckers. They don’t care about you, or your children, or theirs, or the future of humanity. Far too many of them are psychopathic or petty enablers and sycophant toadys, who’ve used the system and our ignorant passivity too long.

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  • WindorSolarPlease

    Like most people, I would like to see the end of Nuclear Power.

    The disaster in Fukushima should have put the end to Nuclear Power, but it hasn’t.

    The Corporations doesn’t seem interested in the environment and the public’s well being.

    Corporations are about profits, and they use the laws that they have helped put in place.

    Is it possible to use these laws against them?
    Getting them where it hurts, “In Their Pocket Books”?

    When people find radiation, can they be taken to court for endangerment of endangered species, endangerment of protected State Parks, or for endangering humans, and so on?

    People have been protesting against Nuclear Power for years, it hasn’t worked yet.
    If they would have ended Nuclear Power when the public first protested, Fukushima Disaster would never have happened.

    I know nothing about laws and how to use them in your favor.
    What they are producing is dangerous and deadly.
    Somewhere in the books should say this is unlawful.

    I do not believe in violence, or doing unlawful things.
    Just because they haven’t done things right, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what’s right.
    Instead, can we find a away to use the law to all our benefit, have a plan, and be organized?

    Are there any Lawyers who don’t mind doing freebies, who think they are smart enough to battle with the big guys in court, in fighting for what is left of our environment? You know the story of David and Goliath, we need a lot of David’s.

    Like I have said I know nothing about the law, but there has to be a loophole to stop Nuclear Power.
    These Nuclear Plants are a danger to all of us, Fukushima and Chernobyl is proof.

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  • goathead goathead

    Check this out…”Gates has largely funded a Washington state-based company, TerraPower, that is developing a Generation IV nuclear reactor, which can run on depleted uranium.”

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    • WindorSolarPlease

      WOW..Bill Gates walking towards the dark side with promoting Nuclear Power?

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    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      How can a man so bright be so stupid? Simple, he is not a radiobiologist or a nuclear physicist. He’s a brilliant entrepreneur and computer scientist! The Guardian article states:

      ‘TerraPower says its traveling wave reactor would run for decades on depleted uranium and produce significantly smaller amounts of nuclear waste than conventional reactors.

      “All these new designs are going to be incredibly safe,” Gates told the audience. “They require no human action to remain safe at all times.”

      He said they also benefit from an ability to simulate earthquake and tidal wave conditions. “It takes safety to a new level,” he said.

      Now read TerraPower’s spiel, at :

      ‘There are currently 700,000 metric tons of this low-level nuclear leftover product in the United States. Using a TWR, an 8-metric-ton canister of depleted uranium could generate 25 million megawatt-hours of electricity – enough to power 2.5 million U.S. households for one year.’

      ‘A TWR can sustain a fission chain reaction given only non-fissile fuel such as depleted uranium because it sets up a slow-moving wave in which neutrons produced by fission reactions in the power-producing region convert adjacent fuel from fertile isotopes (such as U-238) into fissile isotopes (such as Pu-239).’

      What could possibly go wrong- :) ? First of all, what do you do with all the OTHER radioactive waste isotopes besides depleted uranium? Second we have HOW MANY tons of this product in the U.S. alone?? It’s like curing an alcohol addiction by drinking ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’ (sic). Mr. Gates has gone megalomaniac! ..’simulates ALL earthquake and tidal wave conditions.’ What about all the other possible earth/cosmic disaster possibilities besides manmade weaponry? Blaming human reactor controllers for reactor disasters is simple minded. Will TWR’s have programmable valves that run on auto? Mr. Bill you have money…

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  • goathead goathead

    It’s hard to feel sorry for them when in the middle of their biggest crisis they decide to go fishing!!

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  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    I am beginning to think that it may not be safe to even eat the fish from the Great Lakes. Is there any sanity in the government any more?

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    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi ZombiePlanet,

      I stopped eating things from lakes and oceans since the Gulf Disaster, when I saw how they abused the ocean.

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    • Au

      Hi Zombie Planet! Long time no hear!
      As if all the nuclear reactors sitting on the lakes was not enough they also mega bomb them with chemtrails that have aluminum, barium ,strontium and other crap and now, “According to a U.S. military flier called Military Progress, “The green light has been given” to disperse swarms of wirelessly-networked nano-bots into the troposphere by remotely-controlled UAV drones for “global warming mitigation.”

      Let’s look at the polluting fuel being burned to do this destructive practice globally:

      “While flying two to five-hour chemtrails missions to reflect incoming sunlight and slow global warming, a single KC-10 tanker will burn 2,050 gallons of highly toxic jet fuel every hour. The larger and older KC-135 Stratotanker carries 31,275 gallons of chemtrails and burns 2,650 gallons of fuel per hour.

      The EPA says that each gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of CO2. Each gallon of diesel produces 22.2 pounds of CO2.

      Total it up and routine operations by a military bigger than all other world militaries combined puts more than 48 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Nearly half that total could be eliminated by ending the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. [ June 16/07; Oct 29/07]”

      That can’t be good for the lakes, rivers, swamps, crops, animals, insects, soil micro-flora, air, us.

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      • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

        Hello Au

        “Long time no hear!”… yes I know. I stopped posting here many moons ago, after the dis-info crew invaded and things got crazy. But, I have keep up on the subject and I Thank all of you people for the hard work you have put into your posts.

        I have not eaten any seafood since July. Can’t trust any of it.

        Thanks for the “nano-bot” info. I will check into that. I have heard something to that effect recently.

        It figures that the EPA would come up with the figures that you quoted concerning the weight of co2 vs. the amount of fuel burned. Those figures are imposable. Laws of physics (conservation of energy) dictate that you cannot get out more than what you put in. Thus a gallon of fuel weighing approximately 7-8 pounds will not produce compounds that weigh more, after burning. If this truly came from the EPA than someone needs to go back to 9th grade science class and ask for more home work.

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        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          I love salmon just like Arnie and I have to attribute my salmon passion for not having much arthritis at my age, even though I’ve been drinking tap water all of my life. My bones are good, too, according to my dentist. Arnie says he’s eating salmon this year, but he’s not sure about the next two years, so maybe I shouldn’t have stopped eating salmon since Fukushima?! I did have some Lake Erie perch a few weeks ago, but it just doesn’t compare to salmon. :(

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  • milk and cheese

    The Darlington reactor on Lake Ontario released radioactive water into the lake on March 12. They announced it very quietly (as they are wont to do up here) during the clamor about Fukushima, so no one noticed. They warn people not to eat too many Lake Erie fish. I eat them since I am past reproductive age and do not care any more. Everything is poisoned. But some things are more dangerous than others.

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    • As I’ve posted before, I grew up in Toronto. I remember reading an article in Now Magazine, about Pickering routinely dumping radioactive water into Lake Ontario. This was 20 years ago. (or more) Probably close to 40 years ago I attended a field trip to Pickering. They called it a tour but it was just a presentation center where they blinded us with Science. Also in the same time frame 35 years ago my parents had friends with a boat docked in Frenchmans Bay, and I remember how they said many boaters would dock just outside of Pickering Nuke Plant to swim as the water was much warmer around the plant. This crap has been going on for decades under cover of ignorance. Today my pet name for nuclear is “tailfin technology” a reference to the tailfins they put on cars in the fifties and what a waste of time they were.

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    See this? Nuclear radiation treated lightly in new Japanese schoolbook­s
    The education ministry commission­ed a group managed by top executives of utility firms to produce supplement­ary books on radiation.­….

    Of course!! Hire the people who work for the Utility, whereby painting a Rosy Picture about radiation.

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    • ion jean ion jean

      Yeah like the US airport radiation screening devices only being safety tested by the manufacturer…are our people in Washington really that stupid or have they just stopped caring? Or is it another plot to depopulate those lazy, self indulgent Americans? I dont know why they’re thinking that at the UN…only one percent are that…they rest of us work very hard for less and less

      They need to start teaching our schoolchildren that the American Dream was invaded by Freddie Kruger while their parents slept in a fluoride pesticide herbicide GMO BPAan d radioisotopic induced haze and it’s now

      The Nightmare On “Americorp” Street

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    • Wmilbery, living and teaching in Japan has put together an EXCELLENT video tutorial of how Japanese children are radiated with pro-nuke education in their schools. VERY instructive to understanding the complacent mentality we are so concerned about. I guess they could have gone the way of the Americans and left nukes completely out of their education. Which is worse I don’t know

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  • jackassrig

    How much crap does the Space Shuttle emit everytime it blasts off.

    I read somewhere that there is a meter a person can build that will detect all radiation and show the quantities of each. Dang if I can find the link.

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    See this?
    Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into TOTAL MELTDOWNS

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    This is good news…came through a tweet just now!

    Retired scientists still want to help at Japan nuclear plant – Los Angeles Times
    Makes you wonder why HP Trolls dont do the same.

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  • More than anything, we need the truth, we need to know what is going on.

    The is only the beginning. The spread and accumulation does not stop until the “Hazardous to Life Time Span” of the radioactive contamination is over. With Cesium 137 that would be approximately 300 years. (just for starters)

    Call Local officials. YOU/we are the only ones who can do this. I really felt alone when I started calling my local officials here in Tulare County California back in June, 2011.

    I attended local a local town meeting here in California where I spoke up in August of 2011. I truly felt like I lived in Fukushima and my words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

    Here is my comment at the time, regarding that town meeting:

    Here’s the start to my latest email: (feel free to cut and paste for yours) :)

    Dear Tulare County California Council Members AND the Tulare County Department of Health,

    You (our local officials) are either negligent or ignorant of the Fallout and Radioactive Contamination which has befallen all of us. However, there may still be time to save face.

    What information do you currently have about our water, fish, food and milk and ANY level of contamination? What is your plan for ANY future fallout which ‘may’ continue to affect us all. etc…

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re ‘protected free speech’… sorry – you are wrong on that one. Senate just passed a bill giving ‘our’(sic) govt. unlimited power to arrest and detain anyone indefinitely, ship him/her anywhere in the world, do anything to him/her. No grounds for arrest need be given, no legal counsel, no trial. They can ‘take you away’ and torture and kill you now, legally. Google the Senate Indefinite Detention bill, now law. Protesters are now being labeled ‘terrorists’ or ‘suspected enemy combatants.’

    Re vaccinations, they are NOT safe. They are part of the depopulation agenda (and doubtless that is a major reason they are being so heavily pushed, that and the dollar signs in Big Pharma’s eyes). Govt. is now the ‘bitch’ of the mega corporations and banks.

    Bill Gates supports ‘thinning the human herds.’ Vaccines are full of so many unknown things, and some known to be highly toxic like mercury. This mercury is the probable cause of the huge increase in autism in children. Google it if you don’t believe me or want more info.

    Check out online the info that AIDS was communicated to Africans (smallpox) and to American gays in ‘free’ vaccines/shots (Hepatitis) … a few years before the brand spankin’ new disease started to occur in these populations. Just a coincidence, doubtless, that this and many other ‘novel’ diseases started to appear very shortly after genetic recombination/engineering became possible (Watson & Crick).

    Here is something on vaccines sent me recently by a friend.

    Re petitioning the govt. well I don’t mean to disagree with someone I respect and admire as much as I do Arnie Gunderson… but what good has the Japanese activism accomplished? What evidence do we have that the elites are responsive to our wishes or concerned for our welfare?

    Sign a petition — get labeled as ‘terrorist’ or ‘ suspected enemy combatant.’

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  • They are just a small group of people who rely on us for their economic power. They are afraid of us because if we ever get organized we will crush them by shear weight.

    We are living in the “Post-Cool” era. The jaded youth don’t trust politicians ( does anybody? ) Eventually everyone will wake up. Revolution is inevitable.

    God Bless

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    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Mark

      Quote: Revolution is inevitable.

      This just might be true..Then they have to be very careful who takes over..It could end worse for the public.

      Even though I believe there should be a change, I personally would rather see people go about it in a different way, than with violence and chaos.

      I would rather see change happen through words, intelligence, and lawfully.

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      • Hey WindorSolarPlease. What is lawfully? I’m in Vancouver BC on West Coast at the foot of the northern Cascades, basically in a rainforest type environment. What is lawful about withholding and minimizing data on what I’m being exposed to? Even if its true that this is a low risk event for me why are they hiding the numbers, not testing and no news whatsoever about the ongoing meltdown at Fukushima? That is just one environmental disaster being “managed” by a crew of lawyers, spindoctors, politicians and scientists who are paid or otherwise coerced by nuclear gangsters. We can look at BP Gulf Oil Disaster (learning experience for Fukushima TEPCO pr clowns ) Big Bank payoffs, war in Iraq (no weapons of mass destruction found ) War in Afghanistan (heroin production went from 5% to 95% of worlds supply after USA army invaded, the war for drugs I call it) and on and on.

        They are a bunch of gangsters who won’t give up power peacefully or honourably. Realistically, how is this story going to end?

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        • or-well

          I used to live in Van.So beautiful. Days of a 100 shades of gray and 1000 of green, mountainsides brooding behind mist, not unlike some Japanese scroll paintings.

          I too would like reason, logic, law and human decency to be the solution.

          For a change.

          But I doubt it will be, and can we wait to find out ?

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        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Mark

          I agree with you there is lack of transparency, and we should have, accountability on many things.
          There are so many things that are not right. I have said this before.

          Just because they haven’t done things right, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what’s right.

          Just because they are gangsters, I personally choose not to be one.

          Instead I would rather see, the brilliant minds of the people coming together to find a away to use the law to all our benefit, to have a plan, and be organized.

          Quote: Realistically, how is this story going to end?

          Honestly, at this rate…I don’t see it ending well..
          I can see Marshall Law being put in place.
          I can see a total melt down of the economy .
          I can see a toxic world.

          Violence and chaos will only get us to that life, faster.
          I want to prolong that type of life by people trying a different approach, by using the law.

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  • UnInhabitonium

    OK, well here it is…
    My team in the last few weeks emailed the epa, and deq, and cdc.
    All bounced with the same nothin’ to see here move along…
    Then a private phone call came sometime later…
    “We deployed on 3-11 for bata sampling, then the top ordered the turn around, and we were told to stop, with no recording”
    Plausable deniability.

    So there it is kids, we ARE on our own for now, at least.
    So, I suggest you review your bugout procedure, because if there is that kind of indifference, right from the start…
    You guys need to heed this, this is NOT BS, we really got that call. That person is a real hero in my eyes, and get your prcedure/plan together, if Honshu goes BOOM we are boned.
    Plus all the rest of the crazy things our government is doing, you MUST protect yourselves.
    Lets not forget about Hanford, upsteam in my area.
    So, zeolite D3, and a water purification called mms.
    Found it at camalot, it’s real, and it works for many ails.

    Got to work now, so chew’em up as always kids, you guy’s are the real heros in my eyes, and my heart!
    Live well, love much, and just be prepared.

    UnInhabitonium signing off for now…

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  • James2

    If someone works for the EPA or the CDC or the NRC, and willingly provides bogus data to the public – then they are being set up to take the fall.

    It is very clearly a felony in the United States for a government official to ignore a nuclear accident.

    Even if the President of the United States tells you to, you do not have to commit a felony, and you are still guilty if you do.

    It is not an excuse to say – “i was told to break the law, so I did” any United States Citizen knows this.

    So if someone calls and says “sorry we were told not to report on this” that’s a cop-out. That person is a huge coward, and a criminal.

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    • or-well

      Theres bogus data and NO data – big difference.

      Don’t the smaller fish usually take the fall ?

      And Occupy kids get beaten and jailed with absurd bail requirements for MISDEMEANER offenses while financial FELONY goes unpunished.

      There’s a lot of folks complicit by acts of commisssion and omission in the Fukushima mess, in Japan and elsewhere.

      “I was only following orders.” fails as a defence, but only if prosecution happens.
      Sadly, it’s enough personal justification for some.

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      • James2

        That’s true, but shutting down the data collection because “radiation is decreasing” when it actually is increasing is lying – and a felony.

        I don’t know much about the occupy stuff, but I can tell the government was scared to death of it.

        It’s the first thing in the past 20 years that I’ve seen the federal government act on very quickly.

        Which is why I personally hope it grows. The only way to get anything out of our government is to scare them. Scare them into thinking you are going to knock them out of office and prosecute the hell out of them when you do.

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