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Since GameSpy.com launched in 1999, the site has played many roles. What started off as a multiplayer PC gaming portal, QuakeSpy, eventually became a multiplatform editorial destination, and then (under the leadership of corporate parent IGN Entertainment) a combination comedy blog/serious-business features site. Nowadays (together with our sister site FilePlanet), we've gone back to our roots and embraced PC gaming once more!

What this means for you is simple: We're committed to the serious PC gamer, but we're pragmatic about it. We strive to be accessible, informative, and insightful, covering all stripes of PC games (from retail games to indie hits to digital titles) and the hardware that runs them -- without burying you in a bunch of dull technical minutiae. We want to show you how to get the best PC gaming experience possible, how to get more mileage out of the games you already own, where to turn for new experiences that you might not know about just yet, and how it all fits into the greater gaming spectrum. Education, Longevity, Discovery, and Culture are our hallmarks here.

We hope you enjoy reading the new-and-improved GameSpy as much as we enjoy making it. Here's a look at the brilliant minds that make the PC magic happen!

Dan Stapleton, Editor in Chief

Before making himself comfortable in GameSpy's big chair in 2011, Dan earned his games-journalism cred at PC Gamer, where his cheeseburger-eating record still stands unbeaten. Despite being a California native and graduate of UC Santa Cruz, he's not a hippie and can't tan. What few small scraps of his brain matter that aren't occupied by gaming knowledge are dominated by highly useful Simpsons quotes, Star Trek/Star Wars trivia, and omelet-making know-how.

All-Time Favorites: X-COM: UFO Defense, Homeworld, Fallout, Civilization IV, Half-Life, Company of Heroes.
Twitter: @DanStapleton

Mike Sharkey, Editor

"Planet Earth was my place of birth, born to be the sole controller of the universe." Sharkey wishes he could take credit for Rakim's biographical swagger. After years of writing professionally for newspapers and magazines, Sharkey started freelancing for GameSpy in 2009. And after hoarding all of his experience points, he finally leveled-up to a full-time editor in 2011.

All-Time Favorites: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate, Company of Heroes.
Twitter: @GameSpy (99% of the time, anyway!)

Mike Nelson, Editor

Having worked at 1UP.com for the past five years in various capacities, Mike recently moved over to the GameSpy team. An avid PC gamer, he's also a man of many talents and has been known to throw down some wicked cool bass solos. He also considers Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo some of his closest friends.

All-Time Favorites: Grim Fandango, TIE Fighter, Wing Commander, Icewind Dale, StarCraft 2, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Twitter: @TheMoronMike

Justin Ramos, Senior Editor, FilePlanet

The major driving force behind FilePlanet for years, Justin acts as the central liaison between GameSpy's editorial staff and IGN Entertainment's engineering team. That clever new site feature, awesome upgrade, or layout revision? You probably have Justin to thank for it!

All-Time Favorites: League of Legends, BioShock, X-COM.
Twitter: @FerretSpeaks

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