Saturday, February 07, 2009

Still Under the Weather...

Believe me, I'm more sick and tired of it than anybody.

The good news is I'm on the mend. The bad news is, overdoing it would be stupid. So expect less for a while.

As such, I'm going to be doing an abbreviated set of posts, to give you some of what others of you want me to talk about (and I won't mind if the emails slow down a bit for a while longer--honest), and stuff I want to point out.

In the interests of making my job as effortless as possible, please forgive me if I don't get to your submission, and also if I don't go through the detail work of adding links to contributor names.

Together, we shall persevere through these dark days...or some such.

As always, please do what you can to evangelize my Examiner columns. I know I sound like a nag, but really--it's not like I have a tip jar or anything, and regulars here want to see me be able to feed feral sons Uday and Qusay their daily crust of bread, I trust...?

We're the Only Ones on a Jihad Enough

I'd say Supervisor Chris Norby has it exactly right, and Sandra Hutchens needs to be confined to the Hut of the Unclean. Go on over and lend some support in "Comments." [Via Maureen]

We're the Only Ones Released Enough

Tell me Oscar Grant would have made bail had he executed Johannes Mehserle. Plus the guy already ran to Nevada once--why isn't he considered a flight risk? [Via Maureen]

Meanwhile, Across the Pond in Sarah Brady Paradise

It looks like the entire culture has been infected with mistrust. No wonder they don't trust each other with guns--spouses don't even trust each other with computers.

Fairfax Rumor Control
If it's a legitimate concern, rest assured your NRA-ILA will promptly address it and will give you the straight story.
Just like they did with the Holder nomination!

And I guess Olofson and Fincher aren't legitimate concerns.

Less than Understanding
A local school district has suspended a member of the Young Marines youth leadership group after students saw drill props in her vehicle.
Read this and seethe. Can you imagine being Tustin Amhole...oh wait, that's Amole...

The schools says they have no discretion. Right. Like anyone would dare haul them away if they did the right thing.

You can contact these excremental administraitors here. [Via Tom S]

At Least He Didn't Make the "III" Sign

Tough to know if he was stalking. If he was, no sympathy, but the principle involved ought to raise some flags.. [Via Ed M]

Explosive Revelations

The vans included homemade explosive devices connected to remote detonators, firearm silencers and jugs filled with sulfuric acid, a known agent for accelerating the decomposition of a body, authorities said.
A fake mustache. Good grief.

Hey--what do you want to bet he got all that stuff at one of those damned American gun shows? [Via Ed M]

Has The Trib Seen the Light?

Some gun owners just don't know what to make of this: a pro-gun editorial in The Chicago Tribune blog. [More]
Today's Gun Rights Examiner column...

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This Day in History: February 7

This is the fouth day of my being in this disagreeable place, making application to the Governor and Council, for the use of their Factories at Fredricksburg, which I have just obtain’d. I shall set out tomorrow for Petersburgh to get a part of my Saddles made there, and from thence I shall go to Ronoak in North Carolina, to perchase Horses; the price of them being so exorbitant here, that it will be impossible to procure them, that is, such as you would approve of, & I wd shoze to have. [More]