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Who is the Bobagirl???

Blog! I'm now trying to put new arrivals on my Live Jounal page, Tikistitch. As you might guess from the title, beware of cute alien plushies!
Archives For people who like old news.
Image Galleries
Pullip Mysterious hydrocephalic dolls from Jun Planning
Cardcaptor Sakura Addictive anime about a girl, a flying teddy bear, and a deck of cards.
Gatchaman "Gatcha-toys, Gatcha-toys...." The Korean stuff is pretty neat.
Magic Knight Rayearth Is there anyone out there who can resist Mokona?
Neon Genesis Evangelion Not shoujo by any means, but this series has generated gobs of merchandise, including lots of dolls and figures.
Sailor Moon Japanese dolls, Italian dolls, Canadian dolls, and even some stuff form the US or A!
Sakura Wars A video game with tons and tons o' dolls.
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Strange show with some beautiful character designs.
Versailles no Bara AKA Rose of Versailles, this was a seminal shoujo series with some neat merchandise.
Other Anime A-Z Everything from Atlier Marie to Vampire Princess Miyu, plus whatever won't fit somewhere else.
JeNnY and Pals Japan's answer to Barbie has weirder hair, more outrageous fashions, and cuter boyfriends.
Other Fashion Dolls Volks, the Cuties, BG You, and suchlike.
Other Junque
The Bobacabana Soooo, what does your house look like, stuffed with all those dolls. Hahahaha, you haven't see the half of it!
Links and Web Rings This section includes pages devoted to some of my fave anime shows, plus links to other anime collections pages, and even some anime toy dealers.
Frequently Asked Questions "Why isn't there a price list?" "Why haven't you updated the site in 3 years?" And other such inquiries.
Contact Us So, you think you want to talk to the Bobagirl, eh?