Friday, January 06, 2012

As the global economy becomes more tightly connected, enterprises in every industry are under pressure to compete in a reduced margin environment, yet deliver more and faster at reduced costs and capital investment, while minimizing operational risk.

The DEI Group’s solution, Intelligent Asset Management (IAM), provides optimized asset life cycle management, extending the Plant Asset Management framework by also integrating economic risk analysis and decision support, encompassing operations, logistic support processes as well as the influence of external business drivers. This integration allows the conversion of the plant process, equipment, and business driver information interrelationships into knowledge, executable in a decision support system.

To gain the maximum benefit at the earliest opportunity, we developed a phased approach to implement an IAM solution. The phased approach allows evolutionary development and implementation of the overall solution, delivering incremental value to the organization throughout program execution.

The IAM solution is applicable to capital-intensive production and heavy manufacturing industries and supports all production and auxiliary machinery. IAM is fast becoming a powerful real-time solution that will provide you with major gains in operating effectiveness, corporate profitability, shareholder value and a competitive edge while managing operational risk.

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