The Net-presence

Fear me!Well, Free-Online chose to cancel my account just because of the quibbling detail that I hadn't used it for so long I could have been declared legally dead. So I have taken my business elsewhere: here!

Why is my counter so high? I have no idea. I'm getting more than one visitor a day; it's ridiculous. Who are all you people? This is a person's homepage, you should be cursing it and scrolling down the search results to a page that really does have something to do with souls, or whatever! (I've looked at the statistics, and I really have got some weirdos visiting here. Really. They make me look sane.)

What is new? There are some cartoons in the relevant section, including new Wilbur N. Also, a new pointless story. Yes, there have been more impressive updates, but it's a start, isn't it?

Capitalist sector

Legal stuff (important)

I last edited this site on the 10th of November, in the space year 2004. Now it's time to patiently wait once more. Put some music on, if you like.

According to the all-seeing prophesy-o-counter, you are.. (gasp) visitor number The all-important figure. Remember it, yours may be the LUCKY NUMBER O' FUN...... it really makes you feel valued, doesn't it? Look at that number. That is what this website is worth. And you are worth precisely ONE. Think about that, won't you?

You watch me watching you. And look: these fine people are safeguarders of the REAL site statistics... the ones YOU WILL NEVER SEE.

This site is ©2000-2004 Jim. So keep your filthy hands off, lest I find your house, and drench it in fuel in preparation for an act of violence.

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