Braided Tube Scarf Designed by Alicia Underwood


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INSTRUCTIONS— Skill level: Beginning

Note: This is an easy project, and although it takes some time to make the tubes, it's worth it.
Step 1: Using the Spool Loom (the end with 5 pegs) and one strand of yarn, knit 5 tubes, each between 50" and 56" long. It is best if they are each different lengths.
Step 2: Hook the 5 tubes together as shown in the diagram (SEE DIAGRAM) and then braid them together. Then sew the tubes together using the yarn needle to ensure that they won't come undone.
Step 3: Using the Knifty Knitter Pom-Pom and Tassel Maker, put pom-poms on both ends of each tube. (The Fun Fur tube in this picture doesn't have pom-poms because Fun Fur doesn't make good pom-poms.)
Step 4: Have a great time wearing this funky scarf!