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One of the greatest assets at Maplewood Nursing Home of Cheshire County is the Maplewood Auxiliary Association. This non-profit association was organized for the exclusive purpose of raising funds for projects that would benefit the residents of Maplewood.  Over the years, the Maplewood Auxiliary Association has made significant contributions toward improving the quality of life of the residents at Maplewood Nursing Home.

                         Maplewood Auxiliary Members

Executive Committee: Board of Directors
President...............Pam Fortner
Vice President......
Doug Scribner
Secretary...............Bill Moses
Treasurer...............Karen LeDuc

Asst. Treasurer.....Nancy Sawyer

Advisor..................Steve Wilson
Ann Ray
Jeanette Gardner
George Jeffrey
Richard Kossakowski
Fern Kossakowski

Ann Ray, President; Presenting the new bus to the Cheshire
County Commissioners and Maplewood Nursing Home October 4, 2006

The auxiliary meets quarterly (Jan, April, July, Oct) on the second Monday of the month at 2:00pm, with the exception to the July meeting.  The July meeting is a barbecue and is held at noon on the patio. R.S.V.P is greatly appreciated for this meeting, by calling Ann Ray at 399-4912.  New members are always welcome!

The Auxiliary Association’s significant contributions over the years include:

2006  -  Purchase of a new Ford E-450 Starcraft 12 passenger 2 wheelchair bus

1999  -  Patio Project at Maplewood
             * $20,000  for the construction of a permanent roofed 30’ x 40’ shade house for the facility’s back
                patio. (Other contributions to compliment the patio have included planters, lighting, furniture
                for the residents, and other outdoor accessories)
             * $5,000 to purchase a large commercial barbecue grill for the patio, where Maplewood
                residents enjoy outdoor barbecues at least six times each summer.

1993  -  Purchase of a new Ford E-350 Diamond 8 passenger, 2 wheelchair bus.  This was the first bus
 for Maplewood.

Other contributions over the years have included money for: three aquariums; the installation of an in-house closed circuit television network, so that concerts, events, and other happenings of interest to the residents can be transmitted via cable live or taped and played over an in-house cable television channel for the benefit of residents who may be bed-bound; a $3,000 electric lift, which staff can use to lift residents from a bed into a wheelchair; an ice machine for the nursing floors; two-way radios for use by nursing staff so that a nursing staff member taking a resident out on the patio or for a walk in the parking lot can be in contact with staff inside the facility in the event of any type of emergency or to request assistance, and yogurt and popcorn machines.

The original goal of the Auxiliary was for the purchase of a wheelchair bus.   The bus is used many times each month, taking residents to sporting events, dinners, weddings and funerals, as well as recreational excursions around the countryside. It is estimated that the Maplewood Auxiliary Association has raised close to $150,000 for the benefit of Maplewood residents over the last ten years.

Cheshire County Government and the staff and residents at Maplewood Nursing Home, extend a warm "Thank You" to all of the dedicated Auxiliary members at Maplewood. Their hard work and the fund raising that benefits so many Maplewood residents is just one more reason why "Maplewood is more than just a nursing home."